Teckost.com Launches Online IT Procurement Intelligence Product for Businesses to Find Best Prices for IT Hardware & Software

Teckost.com Launches Online IT Procurement Intelligence Product for Businesses to Find Best Prices for IT Hardware & Software
San Francisco, CA, April 07, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Teckost is an exclusive search engine for IT Hardware & Software, IT Cost discovery & IT Procurement Intelligence Software for businesses. It’s a domain specific tool, cutting across industry lines. According to Gartner, the overall annual Global IT spend is $3.8 Trillion, and a tool like Teckost is targeted to help reduce sourcing cycle time and the IT cost for organizations. The product is designed to act as a negotiation tool for the decision makers by providing insights on the best prices.

A Glimpse of IT Procurement or IT Sourcing Intelligence

IT procurement or sourcing intelligence supplies knowledge on the right product, pricing and place (supplier credentials). It ensures that a business has relevant and up-to-date information to aid in purchasing decision-making. It is just about finding the right information on suppliers, and then being able to come up with strategies to utilize the data in a positive manner.

Procure-to-Pay software solutions make operational processes more efficient. A new software tool, teckost.com, an online IT procurement intelligence software, can help buyers and stakeholders to:

1. Conduct effective negotiations to achieve savings.

2. Identify the risks of IT supplier networks and help choose the right IT supplier and make informed sourcing decisions.

Apart from these benefits, Teckost.com suggests that their customers are able to identify the right IT prices quickly, and this leads to increased productivity, revenue, customer experience and cost optimization, and this helps save internet and energy expenses, and this helps improves IT asset life and overall supports sustainability.

Customer organizations are in need of such data as it could help their CPO and CIO officers be well-prepared before they invite their IT auppliers for a price negotiation discussion.

IT Sourcing Intelligence from Teckost.com provides insight into the IT Sourcing category (one of the most difficult purchasing categories) and markets to enable effective sourcing decisions. The disruption and volatility in the IT industry causes significant challenges to procurement managers and to deliver true value to the organization. it is critical to have insights into: (i) current IT cost, technology advancements and obsolescence, and (ii) potential risks involved due to incorrect decisions taken by the CIO and/or CPO office. Teckost.com rapidly filters out the relevant data from multiple sources of data that are reliable enough to support effective decision making with competitive insights.

How accurate are the prices provided by teckost.com.?

Teckost.com says that while it is practically infeasible for anyone, including the actual IT suppliers (OEMs), to discover the costs before the deal is signed off between two parties, prices indicated by teckost.com would have a variance of plus or minus 5%.
Somasundaram Thandavarayan