Announcing the AutoCam360TM MINI TT (Mini Turntable) System for Product Photography, 360° Spins and Product Videos

Kessler, the industry leader in motion control, announced the launch of the new AutoCam360™️ MINI TT (Mini Turntable) System. The AutoCam360™️ MINI TT is an affordable and complete solution for automating product photography, 360° spins and video for e-commerce and commercial use. AutoCam360™️ is designed, manufactured, assembled and supported in the USA.

Announcing the AutoCam360TM  MINI TT (Mini Turntable) System for Product Photography, 360° Spins and Product Videos
Plymouth, IN, April 12, 2019 --( The Online Shopping Experience is Changing and Very Competitive

The MINITT is designed to help you stay ahead of the curve by delivering a compact, affordable and powerful product photography, 360° spin and video solution. As online retail grows exponentially each year, more and more websites are replacing static images with dynamic 360° spins and videos. These dynamic images and videos increase user engagement, convert looks into sales, offer a better understanding of your products, give more confidence in purchasing and decrease item returns. With millions of choices of where to shop, 360° spins and product videos simply make the online shopping experience better.

Automate your Product Photography, 360° Spins and Product Videos

Managing an online retail operation with numerous product lines and brands can be very time consuming but the MINI TT makes the entire process easy by automating it. What used to take hours can now easily be accomplished in seconds or minutes with the AutoCam360™️MINI TT. The MINI TT System is perfect for shooting jewelry, small automotive parts, circuit boards, makeup and beauty products, personal electronics, compact medical devices, toys, hobby parts, cellphones and accessories, small consumer packaged goods and much, much more.


The AutoCam360™️ MINI TT comes standard with either a 12” or 18” white tabletop, camera trigger cable (Canon, Nikon), one-year software and support license, camera trigger extension cable, AC power supply, USB cable, ethernet cable and detachable hand control unit which eliminates the need for a computer. Also included is a 1-year renewable software license and support and a 24” x 24” light box. TheMINI TT can support products weighing up to 50lbs and features built-in leveling feet for perfect level shooting on almost any surface. The MINI TT can also be mounted to tripods or stands via 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 tapped holes on the bottom of the unit. The system also features numerous hardware options like focus, zoom, DMX, frame kit, lighting kits, laser centering and a suspension module.


AutoCam360™️ AC360™️TT Control Software for PC and Mac provide users enhanced control by adding optional focus and zoom controls (with motor kit option), tethered live view with camera control settings (Canon and Nikon DSLRs only), a 360 spin host uploader, editing, photo management, metadata entry, DMX lighting control (DMX hardware option required) template creation, and more. Other optional components include, a frame system, laser centering, a suspension module and a lighting kit with dimmers. The software is constantly improved on a regular basis with an emphasis on a powerful toolset with ease of use. Link to product and software overview

About AutoCam360™️

The AutoCam360™️ brand was developed by Kessler to address the needs of the e-commerce 360 spin and 3D multi-angle spin photography and product video market. Since 2003, Kessler has made award-winning, industry-leading motion control products and camera support systems for film, video and photography that is made in the USA. Customers’ needs are always considered first and the commitment to innovation provides the roadmap to delivering products that can execute in the studio and in the field, day in and day out for thousands of consumers, professionals and businesses worldwide. For more information, visit

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