SpringWell Water on a Mission to Tackle America’s Water Contamination Issues, One Home at a Time

SpringWell Water on a Mission to Tackle America’s Water Contamination Issues, One Home at a Time
Port Orange, FL, April 29, 2019 --(PR.com)-- SpringWell Water, a company that specializes in water filtration and softening systems, is doing their part to combat the ongoing drinking-water problems that are plaguing homes and communities in America today.

Water contamination in the United States goes far beyond Flint, Michigan. In fact, researchers have discovered thousands of violations of water quality in America from 1982 to 2015. To make matters worse, investigations revealed that up to 63 million Americans have been exposed to unsafe drinking water. As our water delivery systems erode and pipes break, you can only imagine the amount of contaminated water Americans don’t even know they’re drinking.

“Almost everyone knows about the Flint water crisis. But the problem doesn’t end there. Schools everywhere are finding lead in their drinking water,” says Tommy Stricklin of SpringWell Water. “We need to protect our families from more than just lead too. This is why we’re so heavily focused on manufacturing quality water filtration systems for the whole house.”

Since Flint, there have been other concerns about drinking water: the growing presence of lead, haloacetic acids, microplastics, and other harmful substances. These materials have been found in water sources across the US and around the world.

Cities like New York typically add phosphoric acid to the water, but sometimes lead can still be present. Others suggest buying bottled water, but a study carried out last year found that 93 percent of bottled water tested globally contains microplastics.

For these reasons, SpringWell Water has debuted a unique line of environmentally-friendly whole house water filtration and softening systems which reduce and/or remove harmful chemicals, pesticides, solvents, and metals usually found in water supplies. Using a coconut shell carbon filter, SpringWell Water reduces organic contaminants including chlorine, chloramine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and herbicides in tap water.

“Our Lead and Cyst Removal System successfully eliminates more than 99.5% of cysts, lead and other heavy metals from water, as well as PFOA/PFOS and disease-causing organisms like Guardia and Crypto,” notes Stricklin.

According to a report, SpringWell Water’s industry-leading whole house water filters have removed haloacetic acids from water sources in the town of Mount Pleasant, New York, Westchester County.

About two decades ago, the company discovered its sole purpose of filling a need in the residential water filtration industry. A few years later, they started to develop what would become some of the most premium products on the market today. The company has also committed itself to deliver excellent customer care and incredible prices. They have a support team that is dedicated to assisting people with any concerns or questions.

“Moving forward, we aim to provide clean drinking water to millions of Americans. This is one of our biggest aspirations as a company and as a team,” Stricklin adds.

After many iterations, production tests, and feedback rounds, SpringWell Water is gearing up to develop more state-of-the-art products to improve public health in the developing world.

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Our mission is to provide every family with clean drinking water while providing the highest quality customer service experience. We didn’t set out to change the water filtration industry. We simply wanted to make the best water filters possible. Part of our passion stems from our attention to detail. We strive every day to have excellent Quality Control. This is why, for over two decades we’ve been designing, building, and packaging our products here in the U.S.A at our central Florida facility. This allows us to ensure the best possible product for all our customers.

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