Lily Lisa, Philanthropist, Humanitarian Wins Outstanding Documentary Film Producer at 2019 Producers Choice Awards

“As Always Stay By Me” continues to win awards for Lily Lisa’s work with the disenfranchised.

Lily Lisa, Philanthropist, Humanitarian Wins Outstanding Documentary Film Producer at 2019 Producers Choice Awards
Hollywood, CA, April 27, 2019 --( The Producers Choice Honors is a Red Carpet Public Relations Event that has presented Lily Lisa with the Outstanding Documentary Film Producer award for her documentary “As Always Stay By Me.” The Hard Rock Live in Las Vegas was the setting for the 2019 Film, Art, Music, and Entertainment Awards (F.A.M.E.) now in its fourth year. Ms. Lisa has received several awards for “As Always Stay By Me,” including Outstanding Documentary from the US Hollywood International Film Festival; Documentary Film of the Year from F.A.M.E.; and the Arts 4 Peace Awards for Peace, Philanthropy & Humanitarianism.

The Producers Choice Honors has set high standards for picking recipients based on factors other than just high box office gross or large commercial success. The purpose of this event is to bring attention to up and comers in the fields of Entertainment, Business and the Counter Culture. Recipients receive a F.A.M.E. Award as acknowledgment of their contributions and achievements in their respective fields, and most importantly for the inspiration provided to others. It is this inspirational quality that set apart “Lucky” Lily Lisa to receive this years’ honor.

“As Always Stay By Me” is a documentary addressing homelessness in Los Angeles. Camera’s followed Lily Lisa sharing her love of giving back to a community that needs it most; some of the city’s most impoverished citizens.

The fashion icon stepped to the stage to receive her award in a pink gown and accessories from her Lily Lisa Brand. One of the top recipients, Lily Lisa graciously accepted her award. Lily Lisa is an actress, executive producer, philanthropist and humanitarian using her voice and production company, Lily Lisa Hollywood, to shine the light not only on the Hollywood community but also as an ambassador with a vision to touch lives and inspire others.

Lily Lisa works from the heart and she makes it a priority to help those less fortunate. It has been her desire since she was young to help others. While traveling for her business, Lily also goes out to share her gift of encouragement with those in the area who are less fortunate. Lily Lisa spends time talking and laughing with these men, women and children, giving much needed hugs and other support. Many have come to know her and gladly receive her into their communities as a non-threatening presence. She is recognized on the streets because she demonstrates that she cares, all the while getting to know others new to the communities she visits.

You might say Lily Lisa is a social activist, passionate about giving back to her community to combat disparate treatment. Her efforts have earned her multiple honors including the We Care for Humanity’s “Woman of the Year of Asia” Award in 2013 as well as being named The Charity Awards “Honorary Ambassador” in 2014, and the “Ambassador of Hong Kong, China” by The World Network in 2015. She also received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition, from US Congresswoman Judy Chu.

Her fierce wit, intelligence and business savvy have made her a permanent fixture within the entertainment industry but it is that charm that garners the respect in all aspects of her life from philanthropy and society, to her work ethic. Lily Lisa’s kind spirit and grace combined with talent and vision leaves an indelible impression. Her Beauty is from deep in the heart, and she has been recognized as the China Luxury Group, Hurun Report’s “The Most Elegant Lady” two years in a row. Lily Lisa feels very blessed to be able to help others, she inspires and encourages us all to be kind and show love in this way.

“Of all the acceptance speeches at this event, the way Lily Lisa expressed her sincerity and honesty about her work and what it meant to be recognized for it touched me deeply,” said an inspired F.A.M.E. guest.
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Lily Lisa Photo with Al Bowman

Lily Lisa Photo with Al Bowman

F.A.M.E. Host with Lily Lisa

Lily Lisa receives award on stage

Lily Lisa receives award on stage

MC announces Lily Lisa's award