For[a]ging, a New Dining Experience in Dairy Block

For[a]ging, a New Dining Experience in Dairy Block
Denver, CO, May 07, 2019 --( Brent Walker, Proprietor + Operations Manager, announced today that For[a]ged will be opening early summer 2019 in Dairy Block at 1825 Blake Street in Denver, CO.

For[a]ged is the second collaboration between Walker and acclaimed Concept Chef Duy Pham, serving up 45+ years of combined restaurant experience between the two. In like manner, For[a]ged reflects the fusion of their collective experience and passions. An intentional play on words, For[a]ged represents a synthesis of the words forage and forge.

Walker and Pham are committed to the relentless pursuit of the finest ingredients, from olives to salmon, and thus are continually foraging to provide menu items that not only consistently embrace the "umami" concept, but continue to personify and deliver the finest culmination and intentional use of ingredients, while wasting nothing. “It holds us accountable. For[a]ged reflects our commitment to seeking, pursuing and utilizing premium ingredients from all over the world. That is not only our foundation, it is our future – and that is truly what foraging is,” notes Walker.

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Adding to his reputation as a renowned chef, For[a]ged will continue to foster a remarkable passion for Pham, as a Master Bladesmith. The integration of forge into their concept reflects Pham and his passion of forging his own knives and handles. According to Pham, DPham Blades came from “my own love and passion for knives.” From journeyman courses to re-handling knives amongst the world’s best, Pham continues to forge his passion into everyday life.

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The For[a]ged Raw Bar, on the 2nd floor of the establishment, is the culmination of both concepts; the foraging of instrumental ingredients to challenge the expectations of one’s palate while forging new tastes and culinary perfection alongside of Pham’s hand-crafted knives. “This isn’t just a Japanese style raw bar, we will have Italian crudos, Spanish crudos and so much more,” notes Pham.

As a key establishment in Dairy Block, For[a]ged is also excited to bring their take on a Grab + Go concept, via an alleyway take-out window for those on the go.

About For[a]ged
For[a]ged, opening in 2019, delivers an "intentional-based" menu with an eclectic dining experience bringing local, seasonal and international ingredients from around the world to the plates and palates of those in Denver. Located in Denver’s Dairy Block on Blake Street between 18th and 19th.

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