New Xcenda White Paper Discusses Why the International Pricing Index Model is Not the Answer to Reforming Medicare Part B

White Paper Highlights Impact of IPI Model on Patients and Health Care Providers

Washington, DC, May 09, 2019 --( A new white paper, “Upending the Medicare Part B Program – The International Pricing Index (IPI) Proposed Model,” released today by Xcenda and commissioned for the Part B Access for Seniors and Physicians Coalition (ASP Coalition) explores the implications the wide-scale, unprecedented demonstration would have on America’s seniors and health care providers.

Building off a letter sent to congressional leaders in December, the white paper explores how the proposed IPI model would pose serious risks to Medicare beneficiaries, including treatment delays, limited access to treatments and providers and lack of cost-sharing savings. Part B beneficiaries – who often have serious, complex conditions like cancer and rheumatoid arthritis – have the right to access the treatments prescribed by their physician. Under the IPI model, vendors with no clinical or medical expertise would have the power to impose restrictions on beneficiary access to drugs through formularies, disrupting or delaying care in the pursuit of profit. Additionally, it could have a significant impact on pharmaceutical research and development, resulting in potentially fewer new drugs for patients.

The proposed IPI model could lead to fewer provider choices, loss of revenue and reduced negotiating power, among other consequences, according to the white paper. If implemented, providers may be limited in their choice of drugs to prescribe and could see a loss of autonomy due to the mandatory participation requirement. A loss of revenue could also lead to closures and consolidating practices, which would disproportionally harm small, rural practices. Lastly, pulling only Medicare purchases out of negotiations for physician-administered drugs would severely impede providers’ ability to negotiate volume-based discounts.

The ASP Coalition continues to urge the administration to withdraw the IPI model. Instead, the Administration should seek workable solutions that strengthen the United States’ health care system through patient-centered reforms that embrace competition, foster the provider-patient relationship and value transformation.

The full “Upending the Medicare Part B Program” white paper can be downloaded here.

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