Cates Consulting Group Works with Trauma Victims Like Those Affected by Durham Gas Explosion

Archdale, NC, June 11, 2019 --( Cates Consulting Group's thoughts and prayers are with the victims that were involved in the catastrophic gas explosion in Durham, North Carolina. In April 2019, two people were killed and 25 injured. Of the people injured, six were in critical condition and one was transported to a burn center. Cates Consulting Group understands the problems that these patients might encounter from catastrophic and non-catastrophic illnesses and injuries as a result of the gas explosion.

While many of the victims who were injured were released from the hospital, those in critical condition might have a much longer recovery. Burns, lost limbs, head injuries, and deep cuts are some of the most gruesome injuries suffered during gas explosions. According to one report on the Durham gas explosion (, one survivor lost an eye and part of his ear, sustained broken ribs, and also has burns on 45 percent of his body. In addition, they will be dealing with the long-term effects of experiencing a trauma event.

Unfortunately, patients from gas explosions might go through extensive treatment and rehabilitation following trauma. Their quality of life often is affected long-term, not only from the existing injuries but also from diverse impairments and potential illnesses such as respiratory problems and skin issues that develop later on. While doctors and nurses will address the most immediate injuries, it is complex understanding the long-term needs of the patient.

Cates Consulting Group recognizes the challenges patients face when living with injuries, impairments and illnesses. They have worked extensively on cases such as those similar to the gas explosion. One example for how they support these situations is as a Life Care Planner. In a Life Care Plan, Cates Consulting Group outlines medical, therapy, environmental, transportation, equipment and supplies, pharmaceutical, and other needs, with all medical and non-medical costs and care, as it applies to the patient for the rest of their lives due to injuries. Their goal is to help patients restore dignity, hope, self-worth, and the highest level of independence possible. For more information, visit

About Cates Consulting Group:
Cates Consulting Group is a Nurse Life Care Planning and Case Management Consulting Firm founded and owned by Mrs. Penny Cates, who is a registered nurse for 25 years with 15 of those years specializing in Home Care. Their consulting services are based on hands-on patient experience which dates back to 1993. They develop client-centered plans that preserve dignity while assisting clients with the least-restrictive, safest environment possible. The professionals they work with count on their experience and precision to accurately represent their clients’ needs.

Cates Consulting Group, LLC is an active member of the American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners, American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, Case Management Society of America and International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals.
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