Network Exchange Provides New Jersey Businesses with Wide-Ranging, Growth-Building Professional Resources

New Networking Organization Offers Expert Educational Tools & Professional Meeting Opportunities to Members Statewide.

Network Exchange Provides New Jersey Businesses with Wide-Ranging, Growth-Building Professional Resources
Matawan, NJ, July 01, 2019 --( A professional resource for NJ businesses, the newly-launched Network Exchange was introduced to provide members with the resources and networking support necessary to successfully grow organizations and launch new products or services. Founded May 2018, this includes online and interpersonal access to wide-ranging educational material, marketing tools, and meet and greet opportunities – all designed to help members expand or create opportunities with the expert input of talented professionals and business owners such as Alliance team members Lori Brand, Kate Rafferty and Makarand Uptat.

“Many individuals, despite their expertise, have neither the time or motivation to continually promote themselves through online tools like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube,” says Jessica Apgar, Network Exchange’s founder & chief strategist. “Network Exchange can help members do all this, while enhancing their visibility to other members through the continued access and ongoing update of our networking website, advertising materials and in-person professional events.”

“Meeting new people is hard,” explains Gayle Goldner, the company’s director of business development. “Meeting professionals that can help you expand your business into new markets and increase profitability is even harder. We are dedicated to providing the linchpin to these opportunities and ability to spur company growth with the marketing communications resources, networking support and professional relationships that drive business success no matter the industry or business size.”

Network Exchange provides members with the marketing and networking resources needed to increase the visibility of businesses, services and products. This includes everything from new business launch insights to meet and greet activities held to facilitate the development of fresh, mutually-rewarding professional relationships.

While similar organizations focus solely on networking or referrals, Network Exchange is dedicated to serving businesses big and small with the professional resources needed to grow and improve the awareness and reach of businesses as well as entrepreneurial skillsets. These support tools include:

- Website access to educational videos, podcasts, articles & white papers.
- Member directories including referral lists of potential business partners and associates.
- Online member forum participation.
- Personal & online participation in all educational sessions.
- Corporate spotlight opportunities on the Network Exchange website.
- Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube Channel promotional opportunities.
- Mentor program participation.
- Calendar of events for other networking groups and events.
- A personal approach for driving success through one-on-one interview and brainstorming sessions as well as get-togethers with the organization’s Alliance and Leadership teams.
- Tailor-made concierge services and educational resources designed to enhance and/or provide expert writing, editing, graphics, logo and presentation skills.
- Licensing and crowd-funding support.

“It is not enough to simply sport a logo or deliver an elevator speech now and then to attract new customers or fresh talent,” offers Apgar. “New business takes time, effort and a whole lot of patience. Network Exchange was launched to simplify the entire process in a professional atmosphere that commands the mutual respect of fellow members.

“In addition to being business people ourselves, we are also keenly aware of the motivational and psychological issues that surround every startup and business venture. There are always issues big and small. Our goal is to help every member lay the foundation for success, while helping to prepare against the unforeseen with the resources needed to overcome challenges and maintain a positive, healthy outlook no matter the situation,” adds Apgar.

For more information on the Network Exchange, including member participation levels, please visit or call 833-638-EXNG (3964).

About Network Exchange

Network Exchange ( is a business networking organization dedicated to expanding the reach of members with wide-ranging online and in-person resources. This includes ongoing access to educational material, marketing support and networking opportunities designed to help members grow their businesses through fresh, new and rewarding relationships and the expertise necessary to increase brand, product and service awareness.
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