TRŪ Chocolate Sensations Launches Healthy Chocolate

TRŪ Chocolate. It’s all about the chocolate! The “Guilt Free” Chocolate Choice Completely Organic. Sugarless: Sweetened with Xylitol.

TRŪ Chocolate Sensations Launches Healthy Chocolate
Atlanta, GA, April 02, 2008 --( Dr. Aharon Friedman, a world-renowned physicist, found at the age of 47 that his health and life were in grave peril. At five feet, 11 inches tall, he weighed 310 pounds -- he was not only obese, he had diabetes. Dr. Friedman's physician advised him that he was in immediate danger of losing his life.

Rather than report to the emergency room as ordered, Dr. Friedman began to apply his scientific investigation skills. The physicist researched the chemistry and metabolic aspects of weight loss and diabetes. Implementing his own remedies, Dr. Friedman lost over 100 pounds -- and his diabetes -- in one year.

Originally formulated for diabetic and obese children, TRŪ Chocolate™ may well be the healthiest chocolate ever created. The health benefits of eating TRŪ Chocolate™ seem unbelievable and many are calling it the “Health Food Chocolate.” TRŪ Chocolate™ claims to not only taste good, but also be good for you.

TRŪ Chocolate™ is a certified organic sugarless chocolate sweetened only with natural sweeteners. Many chocolates making health claims are sweetened with artificial sweeteners and contain processed ingredients which reduce the value of cocoa.

TRŪ Chocolate™ maintains all the health-promoting benefits of the original cocoa and more. The proprietary herbal formula in TRŪ Chocolate™ boosts the health benefits of simple cocoa. Better yet, TRŪ Chocolate™ is unique in its abundance of antioxidants -- an unprecedented ORAC rating of 3040 per piece. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities of different foods. Blueberries, the ORAC leader of the pack, provide just 1020 ORAC units per 3/8 cup.

TRŪ Chocolate™ has been found to be highly effective in weight-loss programs. While satisfying chocolate cravings, it reduces the appetite. The intriguing chocolate wafer also encourages water-drinking by making plain water taste like sweet chocolate for approximately 15 minutes after eating it – an ingenious food gimmick indeed.

The ingredients used in TRŪ Chocolate™ help to regulate blood sugar levels . TRŪ Chocolate™ is sugarless and sweetened with Xylitol – a natural sugar that is nearest to sugar.

Xylitol is used by the body to produce energy while not raising blood sugar levels. Xylitol also retards tooth decay bacteria, making TRŪ Chocolate™ safe for the dental health of children and adults. What more could a chocoholic want.

TRŪ Chocolate™ is brand new to the southeast market and is available only through exclusive TRŪ Chocolate™ Independent Distributors.

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Dennis F. Wellman - DSGLLC