Rival and Revel and USuggest It Are Working Together to Create an Engaging and Interactive Experience for Golfers

Rival and Revel, a maker of golf accessories signed an agreement with USuggest It to create an experience that allows Golfers to show how they use their equipment to, from and on the course. USuggest It is a digital marketing company that built a consumer engagement platform to take in images and text to share directly with brands and other consumers. Brands now have a window into consumer behavior while receiving organic content that can be used as market research or sent to social media.

Hoboken, NJ, August 07, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Rival and Revel based in Lansdale, PA signed an agreement with USuggest It, Inc. to help promote their golf accessories line of products. USuggest It, a digital marketing company based in Hoboken, NJ, built a platform to take in images and text from consumers. The platform allows consumers to share the way they interact with products from a number of brands The platform is designed to give brands a window into world of their customer through free formed organic content in the form text and images. Organic content from consumers can be used to create other products or marketing initiatives that tap into the needs of consumers or shared in social media as a form of communication.

Rival and Revel has been in business for 4 years and was born out of the product design firm called Design Lynx. Rival and Revel saw a need in the market to develop and market high-quality innovative Golf related products. The Silo is their marquee product. The Silo is a small Golf club carrier (holds 6 clubs) and tee holder with a ball marker for the green. The carrier allows golfers to ditch the larger bag when playing a par 3 course or cart path only golf. The Silo fits into a large Golf bag allowing the golfer to take just the clubs that they need from the golf cart to the green. Golfers often forget their clubs on the green. The product allows the golfer to stand the clubs on the edge when a few clubs are clipped into the carrier. This keeps the clubs off of wet grass and makes them clearly visible when leaving the green.

The Silo is made out of a lightweight, injection molded, flexible, durable plastic and rubber composite that gives it strength and durability. It also can be made in different colors and customized for events like corporate functions or large sporting events where an audience of Golfers are present.

Michael Koether, COO of Rival and Revel says, “The partnership with USuggest It shows a clear path to create awareness for our products in social media. We view social media as an extension of public relations programs. It is key that we allow customers to know we are available and are ready to interact. We leverage social media as a two way communication device between our business and our customer.”

Louis Corso, President of USuggest It says, “Brands are using social media as a way of advertising and not as a mechanism for two-way communication. There is so much more to be gained when listening to consumers about your products and to see each one as a person not as a number. We are very excited to help Rival and Revel reach its business goals and are proud to be on the team.”

USuggest It has built the next generation branded platform for companies to build a following from brand advocates and loyal fans. Information that is shared on the platform can be delivered to social media to expand the Brands message. Built into the platform are ways to approve content and Brands can choose if the message is suitable for sharing in the social media space.

Louis Corso of USuggest It says, “We want content destined for the platform to be thoughtful, meaningful, shareable and actionable. Brands have their hand on the wheel when it comes to deciding what gets to their social media channels to represent their brand."

Like Rival and Revel, USuggest It started in 2015. USuggest It's idea is to create a better way for customers and brands to communicate. The platform will continue to expand adding new features as brands add two-way communications or customer-first marketing programs into their business plans and look to USuggest It as a means to solving the challenge.
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