Innovation Guided by the Importance of Family: Global Payment Processor, SolidTrust Pay, Introduces New, Low-Cost International Bill Payment Service

Innovation Guided by the Importance of Family: Global Payment Processor, SolidTrust Pay, Introduces New, Low-Cost International Bill Payment Service
Dartmouth, Canada, August 11, 2019 --( SolidTrust Pay, a global e-commerce payment processor based in Canada, is offering an alternative to PayPal Xoom’s cross-border bill payment service. Bill Pay, Your Way, was launched in 2018 and boasts an impressive network of more than 600 billing partners in 18 countries. The service was launched to help SolidTrust Pay’s members better manage and support their families’ needs around the world. With no transaction fees, the international bill payment service is competitively priced, charging users less than Xoom.

Inspired by requests from SolidTrust Pay’s social media following, founder and CEO Stella Hiemstra, sought to help her members take care of their loved one’s back home. “Foreign workers are sending money home every day and are looking for new, affordable ways to help their loved ones financially,” she explained. Hiemstra added, “Members of my staff have used the service to pay their family’s electricity, water and mobile phone bills and absolutely love the convenience.”

According to a report commissioned by Zion Market Research, the global digital remittance market is expected to swell to over USD 8.61 billion by the year 2025. Sending money to family members back home can be a challenge. If your loved one doesn’t have a bank account, the process is often slow and inconvenient, and sending regular money transfers can take a toll on the sender’s financial bottom line.

SolidTrust Pay has partnered with service providers in India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Indonesia and throughout much of Latin America, with new regions being planned for inclusion in the near future. In addition to being able to pay major utility providers, users can also pay educational institutions, insurance providers, government departments and transportation companies using Bill Pay, Your Way.

At its heart, Bill Pay Your Way is an empowering financial management tool. Members obtain visibility into major family expenses and can help direct their family’s expenditures. Better financial management has been proven to help families avoid falling back into the poverty trap. “We’re a small company, but that allows us to much more easily listen to our members and develop services that they need,” Hiemstra explained.

Bill Pay, Your Way is quickly becoming one of SolidTrust Pay’s most popular services. In addition to helping facilitate affordable remittance transfers for its members, SolidTrust Pay recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility and donates significantly to recognized charities while providing financial aid to its own members through its member care assistance program.

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