Helping the Underbanked: Global Payment Processor, SolidTrust Pay, Introduces New eWallet Deposit Options

Helping the Underbanked: Global Payment Processor, SolidTrust Pay, Introduces New eWallet Deposit Options
Dartmouth, Canada, August 11, 2019 --( SolidTrust Pay, a global e-commerce payment processor based in Canada, has partnered with SafetyPay to provide members with two new e-wallet deposit options: SafetyPay Cash Deposit and SafetyPay Instant Bank Transfer. SafetyPay Cash Deposit is an easy and safe deposit method that allows users in underbanked regions to make cash payments or face-to-face deposits through multiple collection points such as bank agencies, convenience stores and service kiosks.

Founder and CEO, Stella Hiemstra is proud of the culture of innovation that she has fostered in her company, “Banking services are a luxury in many parts of the world and this year we challenged ourselves to help those in less developed economies access necessary digital payment solutions.” Today, more than half of the world's poor lack access to regulated financial services, leaving them vulnerable to loss, theft and exploitation.

In addition to providing credit card and bitcoin processing for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses, SolidTrust Pay supplies e-wallet services for individual members. Ideal for online shopping and payments as well as for sending and receiving funds between family and friends, electronic and mobile wallets are quickly becoming the internet’s preferred payment method for goods and services due to their security and ease of use.

SolidTrust Pay’s partnership with SafetyPay has further enabled members living outside Canada to add funds to their e-wallet using bank transfers. Available in 14 countries, SafetyPay Instant Bank Transfers allows users to instantly transfer funds from their preferred bank account directly to their secure SolidTrust Pay e-wallet. “We’ve expanded rapidly since 2006 and are now serving members in over 190 countries,” Hiemstra added.

Bringing affordable payment services to the less fortunate has always been Hiemstra’s goal, explaining how, “SolidTrust Pay grew out of the belief that everyone, everywhere has the right to transact online no matter where they live.” In addition to providing new services for the underbanked, SolidTrust Pay recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility and donates significantly to recognized charities while providing financial aid to its own members through its member care assistance program.

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SolidTrust Pay is an e-wallet and e-commerce payment processor based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Founded in 2006, SolidTrust Pay helps merchants accept secure bank, bitcoin, card and e-wallet payments from customers at affordable rates. With fully customizable solutions and easy site integration, SolidTrust Pay is quickly becoming the most flexible and user-friendly payment processor online today.
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