MyMy Music Releases Analytics Tool for Hip Hop Music Industry

Innovative App Uses Listener Judging of Tracks to Discover Emerging Artists

MyMy Music Releases Analytics Tool for Hip Hop Music Industry
Atlanta, GA, September 02, 2019 --( MyMy Music, a destination app for fans of independent hip hop music, has announced the release of Rapid Artist Qualification System (R.A.Q.S.), an analytics engine designed to identify emerging talent for record label executives well ahead of the curve using a unique blind judging system that crowd sources listener opinion.

RAQS allows MyMy to obtain consumer opinion and qualify talent in minutes. The solution has been designed in a way that is free of bias and cannot be gamed, removing traditional issues seen in metrics like social media reach and play counts.

The tool is designed to help A&R reps at record labels use the app’s tech to efficiently identify emerging talent, and then gauge audience opinion from the app’s growing user base. Label execs get listener stats, audience locations and demographics in less than a week.

MyMy Music is currently available as a free download for both Android and Apple, and can also be accessed on the desktop through MyMy’s website.

“Music production is a competitive business and record labels are constantly looking to get a jump on the field by signing qualified, commercially viable artists that meet consumer preferences,” said JoJo Brim, head of Hip Hop and R&B for MyMy Music.

He added, “In recent years, A&R scouts have tapped the internet to find product, for sure. However, sorting through millions of tracks on social media or attending shows is extremely inefficient, and often influenced by an artist’s social media reach rather than his or her sound.”

In 2017, MyMy Music launched its first genre-specific product, MyMy Hip Hop, created to make music discovery more focused and entertaining. The app uses a proprietary process called “blind judging” as part of the streaming process.

Company CEO Shawn Pouliotte explains that the app’s blind judging feature randomly cues tracks for listeners without providing any information about the artist, such as name, hometown, cover art or affiliations. Tracks are therefore judged solely on merit of the music, an industry first. Individual artist promotion is based on crowd-sourced judging where favorably-rated songs are playlisted, instantly building credibility for the artist from MyMy’s fast-growing listener pool of registered users.

“In addition to the listener-prompted trending playlist, we enlist seasoned industry influencers, such as DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Sense and DJ Holiday to promote their favorite indie artists through personal playlists on the app as a way to maximize exposure for emerging artists,” says Brim.

About MyMy Music
MyMy Music is a streaming music app founded with the goal of helping emerging artists gain exposure. The app is focused on “music discovery” by allowing any independent artist to easily share their music and be judged by their peers. The company embraces crowd opinion as part of the listening process through a patent-pending algorithm that enables a random blind-judging process to ensure there is no bias on artist demographics or affiliations yielding outcomes from judging that can’t be gamed. Tracks are scored by judges and promoted or failed based on the crowd’s opinion. MyMy Music will launch within other music genres in the coming months.

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