Lead Generating Real Estate Investing Websites Rolled Out

Lead Generating Real Estate Investing Websites Rolled Out
Plano, TX, September 06, 2019 --(PR.com)-- A real estate investing company that builds real estate investor websites, www.RealEstateInvestingWebsites.com, has announced a revamped release of their website offering. With these SEO-friendly websites, real estate investors will be able to attract leads right in their local market, whether they are looking people looking to sell their houses, or if they already have properties in their inventory, sell, wholesale or rent them.

The real estate investing websites offer an out of the box solution for real estate investors for generating leads and running their business. They are equipped with state of the art automation features including the ability to automatically follow up with the leads at carefully pre-timed intervals, thereby warming them up to close more deals. Most of the daily tasks in real estate investing can also be automated, enabling real estate investors to close more deals using less time, money and effort.

“Most people looking to buy or sell their houses start their search online. The ability to generate leads online in a local market where they do business is a game changer for most real estate investors,” says Simon Macharia, the CEO of the company.

These direct response features encourage visitors to sign up, and nurture them to close deals. They are carefully designed so that the visitor is always compelled to take a call to action.

Once a visitor lands on the website, they are welcomed by a friendly, life-like video speaking model that compels them to take action, leading to more closed real estate deals. They also come with eBooks that are fully personalized for each real estate investor. These offer helpful information that lead to more website conversions, resulting to more closed deals.

The websites enable real estate investors close more deals using less time, money and effort.

Also implemented are newly upgraded designs with SEO-friendly responsive designs that work seamlessly no matter what device they are viewed in – computer, tablet or smart phone. Each website is loaded with a choice of 50 fully customizable designs, each of which can be loaded with a single click of the mouse.

Since the real estate investor has full control of the content, pages and forms on the website, the websites can be adapted to suit any business model in real estate investing.

Each website is delivered ready for business within one hour, loaded with features to fully run a successful real estate investing business – even if the real estate investor is new to computers.

For more information, please visit www.RealEstateInvestingWebsites.com or call (469) 573-4965.
Simon Macharia
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