MaiCo Industries Inc. Earns Its 21st Consecutive AISC Quality Fabrication Certification

MaiCo Industries Inc. Earns Its 21st Consecutive AISC Quality Fabrication Certification
Ellsworth, KS, September 10, 2019 --( MaiCo Industries Inc. earned its 21st consecutive American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) quality certification renewal last month. AISC certification recognizes MaiCo Industries,, for maintaining steel fabrication operations that meet AISC quality requirements for “Standard for Steel Building Structures,” “Certified Bridge Fabrication – Simple” and “Standard for Bridge and Highway Metal Components.”

AISC conducted a rigorous audit which certified that MaiCo Industries meets and exceeds the highest industry standards and current ISO standards. AISC certification is the recognized international quality certification program for the structural steel industry.

AISC certification and ISO standards are designed to ensure quality structural steel fabrication. Meeting the standards demonstrates MaiCo’s commitment to producing quality steel fabrication for customers in the industrial and commercial industries.

According to Mark W. Trimble, PE, vice president of certification at AISC, “To be effective, the audit must be comprehensive, rigorous, and require a company to demonstrate it has the personnel, organization, experience, procedures, knowledge, equipment, and commitment to provide quality products and services.”

Dave Cox, Plant Manager of MaiCo, was quick to point out that the AISC certification process continues to evolve and becomes more rigorous to ensure quality to customers. “AISC continues to enhance their quality standards to ensure the program provides recognizable value to our customers and reflects a commitment to quality,” said Cox. “As an example, AISC quality certification now exceeds ISO criteria.”

According to AISC, more steel fabrication projects are requiring certification compliance and more steel fabricators are becoming certified as a way to establish a project’s expected level of quality. “The AISC certification program must provide recognizable value to the participant and the construction marketplace,” said Trimble.

Initially certified in 1998, MaiCo Industries completed a diligent re-certification process in 2019 to demonstrate its commitment to quality and to differentiate itself in the steel fabrication industry. Every year since 1998, MaiCo has maintained its AISC certification.

“AISC quality certification differentiates MaiCo Industries from our competitors and provides us an advantage that our industrial and commercial customers recognize,” Cox said. "It is not simply about a piece of paper or certificate. The annual AISC audit ensures that every day we are doing what is needed to produce quality steel fabrication. For 21 consecutive years, the audit has emphasized that quality processes are followed and has focused us on improving procedures so that we exceed industry quality standards."

“I am proud that our MaiCo Industries employees work hard to achieve quality and continue to deliver reliable and quality steel fabrication, superior customer service, as well as award-winning safety performance,” Cox added.

About MaiCo Industries Inc.
MaiCo manufactures steel poles, bridge tub girders, building structural steel, skid attachments and other specialty fabrication. Located in Ellsworth KS, MaiCo was founded in 1995, by Paul Mai. The original fabrication facility consisted of approximately 50,000 square feet and specialized in custom fabricated 3-plate beam frames. In 2001 MaiCo built a 50,000 square foot expansion on to the original facility to fabricate multi-sided poles. In 2014, an additional 15,000 square foot was added to the pole division, making the facility a total of 115,000 square foot.
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