Happy Anniversary OpenJar: 10 Years Young and Still Buzzing

OpenJar Concepts, Inc., the full-service advertising agency from Temecula, CA has hit a major milestone of 10 years in business. The agency focuses on Performance Driven Media on all media platforms as well as traditional and programmatic acquisition media executions using TV, Radio, Print and Digital media outlets.

Happy Anniversary OpenJar: 10 Years Young and Still Buzzing
Temecula, CA, September 11, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Happy Anniversary OpenJar! The numbers 09/09/09, representing the day the first advertising dollars were generated by this home grown company from Southern California ten year ago, will always hold a special place in the heart of the full service advertising agency, OpenJar Concepts, Inc. ("OJC"). Born in the home office of CEO and Co-Founder Adam Warren and on occasion, the living room of President and Co-Founder Reno Renaldo, the hive has come a long way. Today, OJC resides in a beautiful and spacious home converted into a fully functional and state of the art office. It is nestled in the hill country above Temecula, and resides on five acres of avocado and orange groves that harvests incredible, high quality fruit, 1-2 times per year. In their fourth location and now (10) years from its launch, the buzzing bees (as they fondly refer to themselves) are focused on honey of the future. The company has worked hard to create something special from day one that includes building its own proprietary technology platform for tracking, reporting and campaign enabling to countless registered in-house brand trade marks to establishing partnerships in compatible businesses such as Sue The Collector and others.

A new milestone comes with an enhanced image and an unveiling of expanded capabilities. The team at OJC has been working feverishly to present the refreshed look at www.openjar.com, which introduces their newly branded media approach, HYBRID FUSION. This systematic and individualized approach to marketing, includes a unique blend of data driven, results based strategies that incorporates a variety of traditional and non-traditional media into a single marketing plan. Adam Warrens states, "OJC has always been media agnostic. However, we had a tendency to do one-off strategies with our clients leaving several other capabilities on the table, only to individualize those for another client. Today, we incorporate a multi-tier strategy from the beginning that may use a combo of performance and traditional media acquisition models at the same time. Audience and channel fragmentation is not just a convenient media buzz word, it's a reality and we have adjusted how we execute media by client to create a collaboration of opportunity converging on a singular purpose."

OJC rose quickly from its initial launch and has experienced years and years of non-stop growth but it has not always been easy, in fact it has never been easy. The challenges of running a privately held agency is never lost on owners Reno and Adam, and they often reflect on where they have been and where they see themselves going next. Reno Renaldo states, "There is no such thing as comfortable. Our incredible team has come to understand that as much as we have. There is no complacency in advertising. The landscape changes constantly and its incumbent upon any agency to stay ahead, remain relevant and always look to reinvent in an effort to improve the value of services offered to any given client. We have had to fight through some tough times and have enjoyed some incredible moments through out our decade in business. We plan to use the past as our teacher in terms of how we made it to this point and how we will continue to propel ourselves and our clients forward."

OpenJar Concepts Inc., manages multi-media, performance and traditional advertising platforms for national and local clients using a portfolio or HYBRID FUSION approach. The team has a combined experience of more than 75 years in Cost Per Action/Order/Acquisition for TV, Radio, Print and Digital along with Traditional Cash Buying, Direct Response, General Market and Programmatic ad delivery. All of the company's brain trust is leveraged to help clients better understand and directly benefit from the proper implementation and applicable nature of the various awareness and technology platforms available today. OJC is a privately held company headquartered in Temecula, CA. For more information about OpenJar Concepts, Inc., please visit www.openjar.com
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