TalkAware™ Now Available in the Apple App Store

The Florida-based company, TALKAWARE LLC, debuts new speech-to-text mobile software application, TalkAware™, on the Apple App Store.

Cape Coral, FL, September 21, 2019 --( The Cape Coral-based company, TALKAWARE LLC, is pleased to announce its brand-new mobile software application, which is designed to make life simple for smartphone users who prefer to text via a speech-to-text service.

The TalkAware™ app is now available for free download from the Apple App Store for iOS smartphone users. Soon, an Android version of the ads-free mobile app will be available.

TalkAware™, developed with the latest mobile user interface specifications, instantly lets a user’s family, friends or other phone contacts know that speech-to-text is being used, so they’ll forgive any awkward mistakes made in delivered text messages. Once the app is downloaded to a user’s smartphone, the TalkAware™ logo automatically appends to each new speech-to-text message, along with the following disclaimer:

“Hey, I started using TalkAware™. If you see the symbol above, it lets you know I am using Voice Recognition. Find out more at”

The logo is expected to become the recognized symbol for pardoning texting errors. TalkAware™ is the only voice-recognition app on the market with a notification feature of this kind. It’s the brainchild of founder James Morrissette.

“TalkAware™ gives you a multi-pronged approach that creates one of the most versatile mobile apps in the market today, and it will revolutionize voice recognition to meet each person’s individual needs,” Morrissette said.

TalkAware™ operates as a keyboard extension or add-on to an iOS user’s default messaging app. With a user-friendly interface, the app is easy to set up once downloaded and supports the language pre-selected on a user’s phone. Among its benefits, TalkAware™ allows for hands-free texting as a safer alternative when there is a need to message someone at the most inopportune time.

As its mobile platform gets underway, the future of TalkAware™ is expected to get even brighter. Software developers also are working on a business model, which will soon be available by subscription only. The business model will allow companies to communicate internally and externally but under the same premise. TalkAware™ will help business subscribers protect their brands from common and costly texting errors.

“My intention was to make TalkAware™ a universal tool,” Morrissette said. “Through all forms of communication, people can rid themselves of the responsibility of embarrassing mistakes. Also, it alleviates them from the modern liabilities created with computer-generated script. Everyone has been caught being represented with a poor automated interpretation of their intent. Sometimes the result is more serious than just a laugh between friends.”

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Lisa Barringer, TalkAware™ Marketing Coordinator
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Lisa Barringer
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TalkAware™ Media Release

TalkAware™ Media Release

Announces new software mobile application