ZKSciences Plant Growth Accelerator Technology Enters Formal Trials

Chicago, IL, October 03, 2019 --(PR.com)-- ZKSciences has started formal third-party plant trials of its patent-pending ZK GrowFactor(TM) plant growth accelerator technology. ZK GrowFactor is a family of engineered zeolites that have shown phenomenal potential for increasing plant yields, improving the appearance of flowers and ornamental plants, and increasing resistance to feeding and watering neglect in internal and informal trials.

Dr. Steven Kuznicki, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of ZKSciences, is excited to start independent third-party trials for the zeolite technologies he has invented. "Our cannabis trial, with over 170 greenhouse plants, will be a formal validated and significant study of the ZK GrowFactor family of zeolites in a realistic growth and harvest environment. We expect to see significant increased in flower yield with the use of ZK GrowFactor zeolites over current industry best practices."

ZK GrowFactor engineered zeolite technology offers more than twice the active surface area and up to a 5x increase in cation exchange capacity (CEC) over typical bulk-grade mined zeolites. These improvements translate into greater water retention and timed release capabilities, and increased capture and smoothed release of fertilizer and other nutrients. With select nutrients and micronutrients pre-loaded, ZK GrowFactor zeolites bring enhanced rooting and growth, and evens out water and nutrient availability in soil and other natural grow media for enhanced yields and better growth.

About ZKSciences
With offices in Chicago and Edmonton, ZKSciences Incorporated and ZKSciences Canada Inc. are on the forefront of the research and development of engineered zeolites for the agricultural field. With soil amendments at the cutting edge of improving soil water and nutrient retention and release, ZKSciences is Empowering the Science of Growth(TM).
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