US Youth Soccer and TiPEVO Launch New Official US Youth Soccer Club Directory

Joining Forces to Reimagine Youth Soccer, US Youth Soccer, America’s largest youth sport organization, and TiPEVO make it as easy to search for information on youth soccer clubs as it is to research a hotel or a restaurant.

Ridgefield, CT, October 30, 2019 --( US Youth Soccer (USYS), the largest youth sport organization in America and the leader in youth soccer, and data-solutions company, TiPEVO ( announced today the launch of the new, official US Youth Soccer Club Directory.

The US Youth Soccer Club Directory is a centralized online platform to discover information on US Youth Soccer’s clubs.

The directory’s unique ability to integrate verified, independent, crowd-sourced reviews brings a whole new dimension to the youth soccer landscape.

The platform also includes a safe communication tool between parents and clubs.

A new consumer engagement benefit which generates leads for youth soccer clubs.

The goal was simple. Make it easier for parents to research youth soccer clubs and make informed decisions. “Why should it be easier to research a hotel or restaurant then your kid’s youth sports program,” asked Dan Conte, Founder and CEO of Connecticut based TiPEVO.

With 3 million kids participating in US Youth Soccer’s programs across the country, the organization’s leadership partnered with TiPEVO in August 2019 to harness the power of their technology and provide improved access, understanding, and clarity for their Member State Associations and more than 6,000 member clubs.

“With today’s launch of the all new US Youth Soccer Directory, leveraging TiPEVO technology, USYS has raised the bar for all other youth sports to follow," said Andrew R. Hiatt, Interim CEO of US Youth Soccer. "The access, communication tools and opportunities for member clubs, States Associations and families to connect and share aligns perfectly with our mission of making soccer the preeminent youth sport in the United States. We are now delivering true value by providing players and parents an online outlet through which they can make smarter decisions about their sports experience.”

With TiPEVO's advanced data technology, US Youth Soccer has redefined the way information is discovered, providing parents a valuable way to search for and easily view results at-a-glance, and interact with thousands of programs - all in one intuitive directory.

“We are very proud of our partnership with US Youth Soccer. The US Youth Soccer Club Directory is a groundbreaking, new way to help grow youth soccer. Together, we have changed the paradigm on how youth soccer parents search for programs,” said Dan Conte, Founder & CEO of TiPEVO. "The combination of rich data complemented by shared consumer reviews and ratings has revolutionized many industries - now youth soccer will benefit as well. TiPEVO gives parents a voice and brings transparency to youth sports. This is youth sports Re-Imagined.”

Understanding the value of crowdsourced reviews, the US Youth Soccer Club Directory allows people to share their experiences and rate their clubs. Leaving a review takes just seconds, replaces word-of-mouth recommendations and offers insightful, real-life information. In fact, millennials believe reviews 12x more than the information on a club’s site. 92% of the reviews in TiPEVO are positive and an additional 4% offer constructive recommendations. #TalkToTiPEVO

“Knowing that the youth soccer landscape has been further improved by providing greater transparency by which players and parents can make informed decisions is something for which we should all be proud,” said Dr. Greg Smith, General Manager & Director of Policy, Research, and Corporate Communication for US Youth Soccer.

“We are so excited about the TiPEVO movement,” said Gloria Faber, CEO, New Mexico Youth Soccer Association. "Families searching for sports programs in their communities will now have a progressive way to find the right fit for their needs! And, not only will our member leagues and clubs have a contemporary way to showcase themselves, they will also have a tool to garner data about their market so that they can continue to provide quality programming."

“The youth soccer marketplace is a complicated one to navigate. TiPEVO will bring much needed transparency to our families so they can make an educated decision as to where their children play,” said Josh Krusewski, Executive Director, Connecticut Junior Soccer Association.

“Arizona Soccer Association is excited about the opportunity to leverage the TiPEVO technology, as part of the US Youth Soccer Directory,” said Rick Kelsey, CEO, Arizona Soccer Association (ASA). “Families can now provide feedback, in a public way, that will empower others in their search to find programs to meet their needs - from entry level to highly competitive. Our mission is to provide a positive soccer experience, so having a tool with TiPEVO’s capabilities is valuable to everyone.”

“Utah Youth Soccer Association has a rich history of providing the best programming, the best services, and opportunities to our membership,” said Brian Smith, President of Utah Youth Soccer. “It is our pleasure to partner with a forward-thinking organization like Tipevo and with US Youth Soccer to provide an extremely innovative service that we are happy to invest in for our membership. The ability to smartly find the best organization, at the right level, in the right place is attractive to the kids and parents we serve. Additionally, it is a boon to our Organizational members to be listed and promoted in a way that helps parents find what they are looking for. We are excited about what Tipevo and US Youth soccer will bring to the players in Utah.”

“Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) had been searching for a comprehensive club database to provide to members and those searching for a place to play – TiPEVO has not only provided a club directory, but a space for clubs to promote themselves and members to provide reviews,” said Meghan Ward, Communications at Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association.

“Louisiana Soccer Association is excited that TiPEVO and US Youth Soccer have given us the opportunity to work together,” said Sean Esker, President, Louisiana Soccer Association. “We are looking forward to giving our members the opportunity to use TiPEVO to make informed decisions and helping new members find the best fit in the soccer community for their child.”

The nationwide response has been remarkable. The US Youth Soccer Club Directory empowers families to find soccer programs, anywhere in the USA, that are sanctioned and registered with US Youth Soccer and their Member State Associations. The existence of enhanced transparency and well-informed decision making will help parents find a path for every player.

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About US Youth Soccer
US Youth Soccer, the largest youth sport organization in the country, is on a mission to make soccer the preeminent youth sport in the country. US Youth Soccer registers 3 million players annually, ages 5 to 19. Through its programming, resources and leadership, US Youth Soccer is advancing the game for its 55 Member State Associations, 10,000 clubs and leagues and nearly 1 million administrators, coaches and volunteers. US Youth Soccer connects families and communities to the power of sports and its shared love of soccer. US Youth Soccer provides a path for every player, offering programs that provide a fun, safe and healthy environment for players at every level of the game.

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TiPEVO is a Connecticut-based data-solutions company committed to empowering a reimagined youth sports industry where knowledge and transparency drives informed decisions about all aspects of the youth sports experience. TiPEVO uses advanced technology to discover, review and share information. Since its founding in 2017, TiPEVO has added over 50,000 programs across 26 sports complemented by consumer reviews.
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