At-Risk First-Year College Students Benefit from New Student Success Game

Higher Education officials are successfully reducing dropout rates through gamification that incorporates human elements and emotional intelligence.

At-Risk First-Year College Students Benefit from New Student Success Game
Miami, FL, November 19, 2019 --( As with most transitional phases in life, high school graduates are unaware of the emotional roller coaster they are about to go on, from the moment they receive their college acceptance letter to leaving the safety and comfort of their parents’ home. Thrust into a foreign environment, and without a steady support system, the transformation process, most challenging for first-year students, can seem daunting. This is a most critical time, when many students drop out under the pressure of going it alone and the realization of the burden of financial debt they are taking on.

The game developers and student researchers at E.I. Games LLC, created the award-winning Student Success Game, that demonstrates ways to overcome many of the challenges first-year students face in their first semester. The goal is to help students develop skills, using an engaging and fun game-based guide, that shows them how to navigate the new world they find themselves in. Real-life scenarios and video game guidance are the main elements where the student plays the role of the Provost and is tasked to find real-life solutions that will help students adjust to their new on-campus life.

Based on initial testing E.I. Games has already been able to identify at-risk students, and provide guidance to the specific issues that may lead students to drop-out. The game is predominantly focused on connecting students with online and on-campus solutions. The players develop empathy, while searching for the answers. This can increase their emotional intelligence, reinforcing the idea that they are not alone, but completely supported.

One added benefit the research has shown is that students who play the game are more likely to remain in school. For this reason, places of higher learning are introducing the game in their first-year and orientation programs as a means to reduce the drop-out rate, found to be highest among students in their first semester.

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