Simon Fraser University Partners with My Yoga Online to Provide Videos for Their Students

Unique Partnership of Simon Fraser University and My Yoga Online (MYO) Sets The Stage for Other Partnerships with Colleges and Universities Around The World.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, April 09, 2008 --( My Yoga Online ( today announced a partnership with Simon Fraser University (SFU) to provide My Yoga Online videos to the SFU community. These video lessons are accessible to the student body and SFU staff and faculty via Simon Fraser University’s website. A “beta” test of the program has been in place since February and the response from the SFU community has been very enthusiastic.

“The yoga videos have been extremely popular,” began Michelle Burtnyk, Coordinator Communications and Marketing and Acting Health Promotion Specialist at Simon Fraser University’s Health and Counselling Services. “According to the number of hits to the page, it’s one of our most popular on-line resources. We’ve also received a lot of subjective feedback from students and staff that they really enjoy having the videos to use, especially the fact that they can access the videos from any of our three campuses or from home, on their own time. A recent survey of a representative sample of 1,499 students conducted by Health and Counselling Services, in conjunction with the American College Health Association, has shown that SFU students report back pain and stress as two of their biggest health concerns (NCHA, 2007). We felt it was important to offer these videos, in addition to other resources and services, in an effort to decrease back pain and stress in the entire SFU community.”

“We are extremely proud of this partnership with Simon Fraser University,” My Yoga Online Director of Marketing Michelle Trantina stated. “One of our goals at MYO is to expand the knowledge and experience of Yoga, Health and Wellness throughout the world. What better place to expand that knowledge and experience than at a University? We truly believe that the sooner yoga can be introduced into a person’s life, the better that person’s life will become, in all aspects. It is very exciting to hear the positive feedback from the Simon Fraser student body and to know that we are helping the students there reduce their stress, increase their stamina and improve their physical well being. As more and more students learn about the availability of these videos, we’re sure that more and more will take advantage of this unique and valuable stress reduction tool. We are also very optimistic about expanding this very exciting program to other colleges and universities.”

The video list provided to SFU includes the My Yoga Online produced titles “De-Stress Relaxation”, “Seated Stretch and Restore”, “Workday Refresher Extended Flow”, “Seated Worktime Energy Flow”, and “Yoga for Beginners”. These videos are but a few of the many yoga, meditation and Pilates videos available to My Yoga Online members at

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