Michael Montesi, MD, Located in Cleveland, Mississippi, is Elevating His Practice by Partnering with Simpatra.Health

Michael Montesi, MD, will be adding Simpatra.Health’s BHRT services and technology to his practice.

Michael Montesi, MD, Located in Cleveland, Mississippi, is Elevating His Practice by Partnering with Simpatra.Health
Cleveland, MS, January 10, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Michael Montesi, MD, has recently taken the steps with his new addition of the Simpatra.Health network to focus on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy services at Bolivar Medical Center located in Cleveland, Mississippi. Helping him provide his patients with a higher quality of care.

By adding BHRT and technology services to his practice Michael Montesi, MD, can provide his patients with more options to relieve their health issues and can utilize technological tools so he can treat them more efficiently. The addition of Simpatra’s™ Technology suite to his practice allows Michael Montesi, MD, to go the extra mile to ensure that his patients are receiving the highest quality of care.

Speaking upon how adding BHRT services will improve his practice Michael Montesi, MD, stated, “I am providing hormone therapy for women and men, and I am excited to treat patients in new ways.”

Michael Montesi, MD, is dedicated to providing all of his patients with a superb level of care. He emphasizes preventive care and strives to make sure all of his patients are in the best position to prevent health issues before they happen.

Doctor Contact:
Michael Montesi, MD
901 E Sunflower Rd, Cleveland, MS 38732

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