Datafloq Launches New Initiative to Fight Fake News

New browser plugin allows users and AI to rate articles across the web, based on quality, fake news and plagiarism to revolutionise the current state of global content. Ratings will give authors a reputation and brings trust to online written content. The objective is to bring trust to the web with fair rewards for all stakeholders.

Datafloq Launches New Initiative to Fight Fake News
The Hague, Netherlands, January 07, 2020 --( today launched a browser plugin to allows users to rate articles across the web. This will help to fight fake news and will give content a quality score and authors across the web a reputation. As such, authors can be held accountable for whatever news they will be spreading in a way that is fair and open while warranting the privacy of these authors and their commenters.

Through a detailed analysis of both AI and real-time reader feedback, articles across the web can be rated, based on their quality, fake news probability and the likelihood of plagiarism. Commenters will be awarded Floq tokens for their contribution. This tokenised approach will warrant active engagement. Authors that publish articles on Datafloq will also receive tokens depending on the quality of their article, thereby enhancing their overall reputation. Datafloq also launched a new search engine. This will funnel articles and/or authors based on the reputation score, broken down into the mentioned quality, fake news and plagiarism parameters. A novelty for the web.

In the past years, we have seen a trend towards online ratings. Thanks to online ratings, we step into a car with a stranger (Uber) or sleep at a stranger’s house (Airbnb). Now, we bring such ratings to written content to help internet users better trust what they are reading.

“Fake news is a significant problem. With the browser plugin, we aim to inform users about the quality of an article and the fake news probability of it. Similar to IMDb, the browser plugin provides additional important context to an article. We hope that this will bring some accountability to the web,” says Dr Mark van Rijmenam, founder of Datafloq.

The browser plugin is the Minimum Viable Product of the project, also developed by Datafloq. Imagjn aims to become a next-generation reputation-based content network where data is yours, reputation is a catalyst for trust and accountability is a given while allowing users to be anonymous. Once Imagjn is launched, users can exchange their FLOQ tokens for IMGN tokens.

Together with the browser plugin and search engine, has been completely redesigned. The platform has launched a forum to discuss emerging technologies and offers companies free job posts to find the best talent for their organisation. Authors wanting to publish an article or job post need to have a minimum trust score (which can be achieved by linking social media accounts) and achieve a minimum AI quality score of 60% for their article. With this, Datafloq aims to give anyone a chance to publish articles on Datafloq, but also ensure high-quality articles. Together with the plugin and the new platform, Datafloq aims to fight fake news. Join Datafloq in improving the web and they will reward you accordingly.
Dr. Mark van Rijmenam
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