Andrea Johnson Books Publishing Releases Pillow Talk, by Author Ricky Boone, an Up Close Poetic Look Into a Black Man's Emotional View on Love and Pain

Pillow talk is a collection of the most sensuous and deeply invigorating blend of erotic poetry, from Author, Ricky Boone.  In these seductively written poems, you are drawn into a world where the author uses his own experiences to enlighten and give insight on the realities of loving, and understanding the deeper connections, within the mind and heart of a black man.

Andrea Johnson Books Publishing Releases Pillow Talk, by Author Ricky Boone, an Up Close Poetic Look Into a Black Man's Emotional View on Love and Pain
Grand Rapids, MI, February 06, 2020 --( Author Ricky Boone explained how the inspiration to create his book, Pillow Talk, was first discovered. "I feel as if I’m a fallen angel living on earth, and day by day through each trial, I find out a little bit more about who I am. My work was inspired through my experiences. My pain. I learned to channel that pain into what I desired in a woman. And how I wanted her to treat me. How I believed the connection between two people should really feel like. And the birth of Pillow Talk came to life."

Pillow Talk, by Ricky Boone, depicts a collection of erotic poetry that breaks down the raw emotions and fragility in relationships, told from the point of view of a black man. But more than just words, it is a stream of elevation that bridges the connection between two people, and the soul ties they often develop.

Author Ricky Boone also shared his overall concept for his book, "I created Pillow Talk as a gateway for those that have experienced similar emotions, and uncommonly strong connections, in which they can find revelation in their deepest desires. It is a platform that engages the mind and soul to explore every part of your inner passions."

The Author, Ricky Boone, went on to speak regarding his background, and where his book first came to creation. "Pillow Talk was mainly originated from my own experiences, while living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Having been through several failed marriages and relationships, have taught me to use my life to help inspire and create stronger bonds in others."

The Author of Pillow Talk also gave details on how he built each poem to mirror the lifestyle, and character of a man deeply in love. "Pillow Talk is the first collection of my deepest and soul searching conglomerate of poetry. Each poem tells a story that is based on love, the meaning of love, and the reality of how to properly express that emotion with one another. I believe it is important that readers understand the reason behind the words, and doing so will help them communicate and interpret their own."

Author Ricky Boone shared his views on why his book will touch those that read his words. "Pillow Talk will appeal to readers because of the human element, and personal interaction I’ve placed within the book. Things and feelings that everyone can relate to. Life is short, and sometimes you can feel the burden of realities more each day. So you try to love as much as you can, touch others as often as possible, and share all the good without the bitterness of the world interfering. This book will help to identify and bring out those hidden parts people need to release."

The Author of Pillow Talk stated his opinion regarding the relevancy of his book, in today's constantly unstable look on relationships, and how it can help people who utilize it. "In today’s society, there are plenty of sources and information that talk about sharing your emotions. But not many give that individual human element, where the experiences are real and unhindered. With Pillow Talk, I hold nothing back. And in doing so, it gives readers a definitive view on how a black man can and does express his emotions, when his soul is touched."

Author Ricky Boone, explained why his book, Pillow Talk, stands out within the industry of poetry. "Pillow Talk is more than just erotic poetry. It is the redefining of how love and emotions are broken down and explored. What makes it different from others like it? It gives an open rendition of the inner workings of a black man’s heart. His passion, his fears, his anger, his pain. Everything is laid out and in full display, so that readers can go beyond and discover the true meaning of unbreakable soul ties."

The Author of Pillow Talk also shared his thoughts on what he wants people to understand, and receive from his book. "With Pillow Talk, I want readers to comprehend how to properly connect with one another. How to recognize when a man is willing to give his all to you, and how to reciprocate that emotion. I want to make a difference in each life that I touch, and every relationship that is opened as a result of the words I have written. I want it to be a tool that people can use, men and women, in the giving and sharing of the mind and soul."

Author Ricky Boone gave further information regarding how he learned as a man, to express himself in word form:
"I’ve always envisioned part two and three in movies, even before they were created. However, I watched a movie called ‘Under the Cherry Moon’ by Prince, when I was younger, and the poetry he wrote in the movie inspired me. I’ve been hooked ever since. I then took my passion and emotions over the years, and funneled them into the words of Pillow Talk. In which, I believe, will also help to open the hearts and desires of others."

The Author of Pillow Talk, shared a quote from his book, that he hopes will inspire and help those to open their mind to the possibilities of love: "'Step outside the box and let go of everything that bound you in, and just imagine."

Author Ricky Boone has several upcoming books to also look out for, as he is expanding his pen and talents. Stay tuned for: Juice Box, The Bouquet, & Guns and Butter.

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