IVSG Releases Their California Consumer Privacy Act Compliance Management Solution for Automotive Retailers and Truck Dealerships with Insurance from Lloyds of London

Data privacy and protecting Personal Identifiable Information has entered a new era of risk management in California effective January 1,2020 for dealers generating sales over $25 million per year - no exceptions. IVSG provides cost-effective, liability limiting “Out-of-the-Box” Data Privacy Quality Assurance Solutions that help avoid costly fines and judgments while reducing the training burden dealerships dread from new regulations and associated compliance management.

Chicago, IL, February 15, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Intergrated Vehicle Solutions Group (IVSG) provides a cost-effective, liability limiting “Out-of-the-Box” Data Privacy Quality Assurance Solution that avoids costly liability and reduces the training burden dealerships dread from new regulations and associated compliance management.

Data privacy and protecting Personal Identifiable Information (PII) has entered into a whole new era of exposure effective January 1, 2020 for all dealers doing business in California and who have revenues over $25 million per year - no exceptions.

IVSG is an independent proven expert in dealer IT, applications and data integration including regulatory compliance services who has been trusted by many dealers over the past 10+ years. IVSG specializes in tailored dealer Cyber Security solutions, PCI Compliance and CCPA compliance programs with its partners.

IVSG is the only CCPA compliance service provider with the ability to scan for violations of PII on the dealer’s DMS, considered to be a major risk area for dealers. In addition, IVSG offers comprehensive insurance policy coverage underwritten by Lloyd’s of London to help dealers mitigate the liabilities and potential fines with CCPA and overall data privacy at the lowest premiums and lowest deductibles.

"IVSG has brought together the best in class compliance and IT experts to provide the affordable and necessary compliance solutions including critical insurance coverage California dealers need to guard against unforeseen violations that would tarnish their brand and reputation as well as adversely affect their financial position," said Peter Leger, CEO/Founder IVSG LLC.

IVSG CCPA solutions simplify

CCPA Compliance:

- CCPA Documentation - Generate website disclosures, contract language, request management policies
- Data Mapping - Chart where all your data comes from, where it resides, and how it’s used
- CCPA Request Management - Collect, manage and respond to consumer requests in one place and central contact
- CCPA Training - Critical and required training of your dealership employees on the CCPA requirements and how to comply
- PII DMS Scan - Ensure no major PII and CCPA violations exist with the dealer’s DMS being the major data repository - only independent 3rd party performing this critical compliance function
- Data Privacy Insurance with CCPA Rider - Comprehensive insurance policy to mitigate unforeseen risks and enable dealers to reduce exposure to CCPA regulations all using a simple 2-page application

Why Choose IVSG?
Accurate, High Quality Customer Data Scanning is Critical to CCPA Compliance and “Over the last 10+ years IVSG’s GLBA, PCI and PII Data Scanning technology has been optimized to capture and report the status of consumer data from 10s of thousands of dealer clients and prospects across the different DMS systems and their siloed data repositories across 3rd party applications using and appending that data. Almost without exception, IVSG found widespread non-compliant data issues confronting their dealers' 'we don’t save consumer data in this system' response. In those instances, we show our Dealer clients’ critical and sensitive data representing a huge liability that we then remedy," according to Peter Leger.

“Dealerships are sophisticated consumers of practical sales and marketing technology. Poor Data Management and data privacy protection is a major compliance problem for Dealers in the emerging Regulation-Driven 'customer controlled' data privacy lifecycle, where 'the client and prospects' now drive compliance and remediation. Dealerships are using DMS systems with attached 3rd party applications that look like a Christmas tree of add-on systems, each with their own use of consumer data. These system configurations are different from dealer to dealer and location to location, as is the necessary data privacy training from salesperson to salesperson. Dealerships are spending a great deal of time training and maintaining (and then abandoning) these 3rd party systems with little thought to how the data is stored and used. So, for the last several months IVSG has been building a game-changer we call our Enterprise-class CCPA Compliance Management System that allows us to expand our data privacy and data management services into the overall Customer Controlled Personal Data Management Lifecycle," Mr. Leger concluded.

Using IVSG’s Data Privacy Solutions and Services enables dealer management to quickly and professionally communicate with clients using visually engaging, CCPA-compliant communications that support your dealership’s compliance culture that helps build brand loyalty and gives your clients and prospects a positive “Data Privacy Management Customer Experience.”

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IVSG is a solutions integrator and a Data Privacy Management firm focused on improving Dealership Sales and Management Operations at every data touchpoint to enhance their dealers’ digital Customer Experience.
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