Fenway Group Celebrates Anniversary of Developing the Next Generation of Technologists

Dallas, TX, February 14, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Fenway Group today announced the celebration of its anniversary. On a mission to partner with Fortune 500 companies and select universities to supply an untapped pipeline of IT talent, Fenway Group began pioneering its unique outsourcing services model. After years of innovation alongside an undaunted commitment to service, the company is recognized as a visionary that enables enterprises to achieve IT outcomes while developing the next generation of technologists.

"It has been amazing to watch the influence of Fenway Group," said Liz Kimball, VP of Sales. "With our mission of developing the next generation of technologists, we take pride in the impact we've seen within each partnered university's community." Fenway Group's delivery centers promote a collaborative culture of opportunity, flexibility, and mentorship which provides the necessary foundation to keep pace with today's rapidly changing technology landscape.

Fenway Group differentiates itself by partnering with Fortune 500 companies and select universities nationwide to identify, mentor and coach upcoming IT talent. Our partner companies receive additional IT capacity and capabilities injecting quality and value into their organizations. Our affiliated universities see enhancements to enrollment, retention, and the application of learning in meaningful real-world situations.

Since the inception of Fenway Group's program, hundreds of associate consultants have joined the workforce beginning at mid to senior-level positions compared to the entry-level roles of their contemporaries. Companies such as CenturyLink, American Airlines, GM Financial, Dell and Raytheon are benefiting from the skills instilled in participants of the Fenway Group model.

"The technologist is at the foundation of a digital transformation; the goal of every IT leader. Fenway Group has been helping global enterprises identify and source upcoming IT talent," said Martin Santora, founder and President of Fenway Group. "Our solution appeals to IT executives seeking to offset their technology and talent gaps with an approach that still gives them the flexibility to achieve business outcomes. I look forward to seeing how many more next-generation technologists we can develop in the coming years!"

About Fenway Group

Fenway Group's mission is to develop the next generation of technologists by providing clients an effective complement or offset to traditional offshore and contractor technology services. Providing capabilities and capacity to its clients, Fenway Group is the domestic extension of their IT organization. Dedicated teams of senior and associate consultants located at on-campus Centers of Excellence (CoEs), provide 100% U.S. based technology outsourcing services where clients benefit from onshore security, seamless communication, and on-time delivery at globally competitive economics.
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