Burrow Global Works for 6 Million Hours Without a Lost Time Recordable

Burrow Global has worked 6 million man hours since their last lost time recordable, and 4 million hours since their last recordable. A significant safety achievement.

Burrow Global Works for 6 Million Hours Without a Lost Time Recordable
Houston, TX, March 15, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Employees at Burrow Global, LLC accomplished a significant safety milestone in February 2020 of 6 million hours worked without a lost time recordable, and 4 million man hours without a recordable. This is a result of over four years of company-wide dedicated safety commitment.

“The Burrow Global Team is fully committed to ensuring that each and every team member returns safely home to their families every single work day. Since each new day brings fresh challenges, the work of safety never ends. We have learned that by looking out for each other, we are also looking out for our families. These injury free milestones are like gems in the crowns of every team member. To me they represent one more day that I do not have to call a family member to tell them their loved one will not be coming home tonight,” said Mike Burrow founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burrow Global. “I’m very proud of our employees and the safety and quality culture we have built by working together.”

Burrow Global is proud of this latest achievement; a record that is representative of conscientious clients and employees. They would like to thank all of their clients for their continued support of Burrow Global’s safety initiatives, and offer special congratulations to their employees, who made this record possible.

This impressive milestone proves Burrow Global’s commitment to their clients, community and employees. Burrow Global continually strives to provide a safe work environment for their employees. This record signifies absolute teamwork – all employees have made safety first, each and every day.

With nominally 600 employees working across 6 different locations, it takes a tremendous amount of communication and cooperation to achieve goals such as this. An EPC company’s longevity in the process industries starts with its safety performance. BG recognizes that they have a responsibility to their employees, clients and communities to be safety focused at all times. They maintain an OSHA compliant safety and health program through a cooperative effort between management, supervision, employees and clients.

· BG is committed to a target of zero incidents
· Although their safety records are among the best in the industry, they are not satisfied and constantly strive to improve their safety performance
· Their corporate safety values guide all of their work from FEED through design, construction, commissioning and on-going services
· Safety is driven from executive and management commitment to the involvement of each employee and subcontractor on the project
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