Inde Ed Project Reaches 4 Million Free Downloads

Douglas J. Alford nominated for 2020 Yidan Prize (which is like the Nobel Prize for Education) based on self-funding Inde Ed Project for over 20 years which creates over 150 titles of free, easy Science and English Digital Content.

Inde Ed Project Reaches 4 Million Free Downloads
Seattle, WA, April 07, 2020 --( Independent Education or “Inde Ed” Project is the idea of Douglas J. Alford. He creates free digital content to share, easy Science and Stories worldwide. There are over 150 titles in Alford's free eBooks and videos library that come in three levels: easy, middle and advanced.

Alford's “Inde Ed” Project has reached over 4 million free downloads to people in 60 countries via Google Play, YouTube and social media. The easy to understand Science eBooks are especially popular globally with young adults. They have written over 10,000 positive comments on Google Play. Next, in popularity are Alford's Aesop-Fable-like Stories. Audiences include those interested in English as a Second Language (ESL) and Elementary/Primary Teachers and Students. Alford's digital creations are also available in 200 International Translations. Alford calls his cyber shareware, MOOKS, because they are multimedia eBooks and audiobooks with videos too.

Alford's goal is to share free Science & Stories, to fill minds with how to fix our collective global problems like poverty and inequality. The free, “Inde Ed” Project Catalog is available at

All Alford eBooks and Videos are available on Google Play and YouTube for free.
Inde Ed Project
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Inde Ed Project Reaches 4 Million Free Downloads

Inde Ed Project Reaches 4 Million Free Downloads

For over 20 years, Alford self-funds the Inde Ed Project with 150 Titles of easy Science and Stories that have four million free downloads for people in 60 countries via Google Play and YouTube.