In Response to COVID-19 Ocean State Shields Launches in RI

Rhode Island startup Ocean State Shields is launching a curated portfolio of non-toxic antimicrobial barriers and products in response to COVID-19. In collaboration with CT based SD Labs, this affordable and durable line of innovations is a new way to help in the re-opening of Rhode Island's economy.

In Response to COVID-19 Ocean State Shields Launches in RI
Providence, RI, April 29, 2020 --( Developed in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, RI Health Care & Wellness entrepreneur, Allyson Cote has co-founded Ocean State Shields – - which is presenting a portfolio of products to help safely re-open Rhode Island’s economy and keep your customers, employees, and family members safe during these difficult times. Co-Founder, Todd Thomas is a recognized leading innovator in both the Makers Community, as well as Architecture.

Working with Connecticut-based SD Labs and their US-made, non-toxic, wide-spectrum, durable and persistent for 30-90 days or more of antimicrobial-action coatings Ocean State Shields (OSS) has created a RI-finished product line of pre-treated items that includes crystal clear hanging partitions, countertop and table protectors, personal safety gear, restaurant and office articles and containers to keep paperwork and consumer products safe and reduce chances of transferring microorganisms to your customers or employees.

In addition to pre-treated items, OSS can help you by providing SD Labs’ effective coatings in various bulk sizes along with applicators for use in the home, office, restaurant, retail, manufacturing, and anywhere else where public and employees interact in closer contact or around high-touch-point areas where multiple people may handle items. “We realized the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on the state’s economy, and we wanted to find a safe and affordable solution to help our home state,” said Cote, CEO. “SD Labs’ product line has been deployed globally, including Wuhan, to remarkable results. It’s time to bring this non-toxic technology here to Rhode Island,” she added.

Their premier antimicrobial product has a 30-90 day effective lifespan when applied to most any product or surface (that can withstand a light dampening) and is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and safe for use on keypads, hard surfaces, soft-goods and fabrics, as well as vehicles and even air ductwork. This family of coatings is crystal clear, safe for use around humans and animals, does not discolor products it is applied to, and remains functional even through regular "maintenance cleaning" of surfaces. OSS has a team of scientists, designers, and builders able to help you craft a safe re-opening of your business as well as create custom containers and safe ways for your employees and customers safely interact with each other. Contact us to learn more.
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