Yoga—the Younger the Better

Centennial, CO, April 22, 2008 --( Lazy Lizards Yoga launches redesigned website from new owner Karen Allaire, mother and yoga instructor. Her passion for Lazy Lizards Yoga developed when her own son started practicing with her at home. She was amazed to see how natural Yoga comes to a child, and how radiant and calm her son was after their practice. When 4 year old Tyler was asked what he likes most about yoga “I like downward dog, it makes my back feel good and happy.” Tyler uses the Lazy Lizards Yoga mat and DVD 2-3 times a week.

There are numerous benefits to children doing Yoga, increase strength and flexibility, boost self confidence, to help right/left brain coordination, promote self discipline, and encourage calmness. It also helps children become aware of their growing bodies and minds, both physically and emotionally.

Kids are so busy these days, spending the day at school, rushing off to swim or soccer practice in the evening, keeping up with parents busy work schedules. Yoga gives kids an opportunity to slow down and engage in a healthy activity. This is accomplished by teaching relaxation and breathing techniques, along with poses to connect with the child's inner spirit and growing bodies.

Lazy Lizards Yoga for Kids has a different approach to Yoga than traditional adult classes. It is designed to make yoga fun; incorporating lightheartedness, through games, songs, postures and relaxation.

Lazy Lizards Yoga offers products to encourage children to practice yoga at home with friends and family. The Lazy Lizards Yoga Mat was created to make a fun personal space for children to practice their postures. There are fun, bright pictures of animals printed on the mat doing yoga poses. The mat is a kid friendly size at 24” x 48” lead and latex free, and skin safe, lightweight and easy to roll up. Instructions are included for each pose on the mat.

The Lazy Lizards Yoga DVD is another way to encourage a child's yoga practice. The DVD teaches all 12 poses on the mat plus additional poses, with real students and sometimes unscripted moments in the DVD offer an honest approach to children’s yoga without unreal expectations. The DVD is 30 minutes long with an opportunity to take a break after 20 minutes. It also includes a section for Yoga games and songs. The Lazy Lizards Mat and DVD have been well received by parents, one Mom wrote, “My children are the ages 2 and 5 – We love the Lazy Lizards Yoga Mat and DVD, with such fun poses how could we not? They actually ask to get their mats and put in the DVD. To them it's fun, to me; we are building a foundation. We're exercising, bonding, and best of all we're having fun.”

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