Digital Forensics Company Launches New Ready-to-Install, Completely Private Investigations Platform for Law Enforcement

Designed for large organizations, Social Links intelligence suite combines the ability to discover, map, search, find and monitor the social and dark web.

Digital Forensics Company Launches New Ready-to-Install, Completely Private Investigations Platform for Law Enforcement
Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 13, 2020 --( Social Links, an open source intelligence (OSINT) software vendor, announced Social Links BOX, a new tool for law enforcement and governing agencies around the world. A standalone analogue of the Social Links SaaS service, the new solution accumulates the experience of hundreds of law enforcement agencies around the world, including the majority of European countries.

The Social Links BOX platform comes ready to install with pre-selected search methods and also includes the ability to:

Conduct online investigations in 50+ sources and incorporate more than 700 search methods, like social networks and the darkweb;

Ability to store all data in a closed loop without reliance on cloud storage;

Quickly integrate open Internet sources and internal resources into the API; and

Operate in a safe and secure environment, all search queries and all investigation records remain inside the perimeter of the organization.

The new platform was created due to a need within governmental organizations to have more streamlined and comprehensive methods for conducting OSINT investigations. Many organizations have internal experts and Social Links BOX offers ready-made search methods (that can be used separately or in combination with others) that can be used in addition to existing efforts.

A digital forensic platform does not hinder or limit the flexibility of an investigation, but offers the ability to specialize and enhance based on current needs.

"We have been listening to our customers’ ongoing needs and created the Social Links BOX based on those who require the storage of all data in a closed loop," explains Ivan Shkvarun, co-founder, Social Links. “Our partners need to automate their open-source investigations, but they cannot use cloud services. Our standalone product solves this problem: now all the power of our tools and all the methodological developments are at their disposal.”

Open sources frequently change their formats, operating rules and interfaces. Social Links clients have the ability to constantly monitor these changes and make necessary adjustments. All of our clients receive support at the time of purchase as well as regular updates containing new sources and best practices of OSINT. “When you buy Social Links, you buy a team of professionals that make sure that you do not think about how to get data for your investigations, you just do your job,” says the co-founder and CEO of Social Links Andrey Kulikov.

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About Social Links:
Social Links provides training in OSINT methods and can assist partners in creating or developing a department of investigation in open sources and social networks. Social Links SaaS product has been successfully sold all over the world for more than three years. The company has established itself as the leader in OSINT tools (Digital Forensic for OSINT & SOCMINT). Every year, the company's turnover has doubled. The number of clients across all segments has exceeded 300 in more than fifty countries.
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