Gaylan Hendricks, Chief Executive Officer, Will be a Keynote Speaker at 8% Nation This Summer

Gaylan Hendricks will be a Keynote Speaker at 8% nation. Senior Security Benefits, Inc. is so excited for insurance agents and other sales people all around the country to hear CEO, Gaylan Hendricks' story which will inspire so many. Not only women will be inspired by her story but men are the first to recommend and support her. The attendees will see how she persevered during one of the hardest times of her career and "still" came out on top.

Gaylan Hendricks, Chief Executive Officer, Will be a Keynote Speaker at 8% Nation This Summer
Dallas, TX, May 14, 2020 --( Gaylan Hendricks has risen to the top of the health insurance industry where she shines as one of the few female CEOs. She is the founder and CEO of Senior Security Benefits, Inc. and is known for her dynamic personality, infectious smile, and steadfast faith. Coming from a humble background and overcoming many obstacles, life and business have not always been easy, but her faith in God and her supporters have empowered her success. About her accomplishments, she jokes, "I'm a 35-year overnight success!"

At the 8% Nation Insurance Wealth Conference being held this summer, tentatively scheduled for July 24-25, Gaylan will be a keynote speaker and will share stories of what has been instrumental to the success of her company. Senior Security Benefits, Inc. has been on top from time to time, but in 2013 they became one of the largest FMO's in the country when they made a change that soon doubled, tripled, and quadrupled their sales records.

With 35 years of experience in the health insurance business, Gaylan has weathered many major changes in the industry from Medicare standardization to the emergence of the Do Not Call list and Obamacare/ACA changes to tele-health. Each time the industry has undergone a change, she learned to make lemons into lemonade. She quickly adapted and developed strategies to maximize the opportunities.

Attendees of 8% Nation Insurance Wealth Conference will hear Gaylan’s powerful story of overcoming obstacles and rising to success. Despite negative situations, she became stronger and gained confidence because of her faith in God and her supporters. In difficult times, she clung to her belief that the truth would be revealed, and it always does. “God always shows up when you need Him and in a big way!” she says. Instead of being distracted by her adversaries, she focuses on the Golden Rule and her supporters who provide encouragement. As a motivational speaker, she shares her life experiences and knowledge to inspire others.

Gaylan often declares, “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!” The insurance business is challenging, but Gaylan will equip and motivate business leaders to cling to faith, hold onto joy, adapt to change, surround themselves with supporters, and be primed for success. She believes everyone has the potential to be in the 8%.
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