West Roxbury Man Who Lives with Autism Feeds 43 Families and Mails $2700 in Grocery Cards to Disabled Families in Mass. Affected by COVID-19

The disabled community struggles to wait in food bank lines. Esteban wants to support them with grocery food cards.

West Roxbury, MA, May 12, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Esteban, Co-Founder of Autistic Geniuses of the World, AGW, launched a supermarket card donation campaign called "AGW Food Drive" to help feed Massachusetts disabled communities affected by COVID-19.

Maribel Rueda 49, president of Autism Geniuses of the World (AGW) with her son Esteban Barriga 23, diagnosed at age 2 with autism realized that families with physical disabilities cannot stand in a food bank line, as they have many limitations, making it impossible for them to wait in line. "That's why we decided to start collecting $25 grocery cards from local supermarkets to mail to families who have a disabled person at home," Esteban said, while stressing that many of them need a special diet of fruits, vegetables and proteins that they must buy at the market.

Families wishing to benefit from a card to buy food should contact 978-908-8900 via a text. They can also donate $25 or more to their fundraiser page: https://www.facebook.com/donate/2282322302074859/
Similarly, Stop & Shop cards, Start Market, Market Basket or other local supermarket cards are being mailed to Esteban’s home address: AGW Food Drive 74 Clement Avenue, West Roxbury, MA 02132. Families are referred by local food banks, COVID-19 response centers in Mass., Boston Public Schools, local organizations and families referring other families in need.

Maribel says the stories are touching and are a familiar cry for help:

“I found you in the COVID-19 Response Facebook Page. I am a single mother from Boston with a child with a disability, I was denied unemployment don’t know how I am going to pay rent this month and buy food. I could really use some help.”

"If you know of a family in the Mass. area who has a relative with a disability and needs help buying food, please let us know, we can help you," reiterated Maribel Rueda. So far, they've mailed $2700 in cards. Maribel and Esteban said they want these figures to multiply with more cards and people to benefit. “We receive 10 to 15 text messages daily from families needing grocery cards to buy food, we are running low,” Maribel claims.

Esteban personally mails the cards with a message of hope, "thinking of you.”

Massachusetts is the third state of the country most affected with COVID-19 patients, there are as of today over 78,000 cases diagnosed and 5,108 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Since March 15 more than 950,000 Massachusetts residents have filed for unemployment. That's is why Esteban wishes to support the disabled communities affected by the pandemic.

Maribel Rueda, President AGW
Autism Geniuses of the World
Maribel Rueda