Lily Lisa Receives Certificate from La Puente Mayor as She Meets Community Needs During COVID-19 Lockdown

Lily Lisa of Beverly Hills is helping to save lives during the current pandemic crisis.

Lily Lisa Receives Certificate from La Puente Mayor as She Meets Community Needs During COVID-19 Lockdown
Beverly Hills, CA, May 16, 2020 --( Lily Lisa of the Lily Lisa Collection sees a need and meets it head on. Her heart is to help people. With personal protection supplies limited at local retailers, an ever-resourceful Lily Lisa has been able to locate and deliver where she sees a need be it to the Beverly Hills Post Office workers, the homeless, neighbors, or senior residents.

Recently, surprised by Mayor Charlie Klinakis, of the City of La Puente with a Certificate of Recognition for her efforts, Lily Lisa brought supplies of face-masks, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, liquid hand soap, gloves and toilet paper. Said Mayor Klinakis, “All of these are going to come in very handy, especially for our senior citizens. We are going to be putting packages together to deliver and on behalf of the City of La Puente I thank you for your noble gesture to insure the safety and well-being of our community.”

Lily Lisa heard of their need and brought a generous gift for the seniors of La Puente. A long-time advocate for the homeless, her concern has now extended to helping to provide for the larger population.

A spiritual, prayerful person, Lily Lisa, led by her heart is an inspiration. Her efforts motivate us to be kind and generous with what we have. As interviewed by media in La Puente, Lily commented, “The supplies have been hard for everyone to get but they are a necessities for personal protection. I am glad that I have done my part to help the La Puente community. My desire is that this will inspire more people to do the same. Together, let’s pray for the pandemic to be over soon, and then I believe that tomorrow the world will be more beautiful. God Bless America, God Bless the World.”

The laws of the universe are at work “give and it shall be given back to you” (Luke 6:38). While not the motivation to give, it is saying that the giver will not lack due to their giving. The stay at home orders do not mean this is a spectator sport to watch those on the front-line or the “essential” workers. We are all essential to unite in care for one another in ways unique to oneself.

A graceful, warm-hearted woman, Lily Lisa feels very blessed to be able to help others. She inspires and encourages us all to be kind and show love. Lily is love in action and uses the current situation to be sensitive to others, always willing to assist in relief efforts.
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Lily Lisa Donation

Lily Lisa Donation

Personal protection supplies delivered to the City of La Puente

Lily Lisa donates to Beverly Hills Post Office

Lily Lisa donates to Beverly Hills Post Office

BH postal worker receives personal protection supplies