Donnell Isaac Didn't Know Love

Donnell Isaac Didn't Know Love
Greensboro, NC, July 01, 2020 --( Back like he never left; R&B/Soul recording artist, Donnell Isaac, has released his new single, “I Didn’t Know,” an impressive, inspiring and soulful song from the forthcoming album, Wine N Relationship. His third studio album, Wine N Relationship, is due out later this year. The recently released ballad from the album, produced by Sonny King (Skymount Studios) and written by Donnell Isaac, includes Markie Hariston on slide guitar sending rippling waves of emotion.

Through the years, Donnell Isaac has written and produced some of the most moving R&B music in the industry. He’s also created soulful modern Gospel songs that penetrate the soul and refresh your spirit.

“I Didn’t Know” is right on time. The instrumentation and relatable lyrics are uplifting. If you are a fan of good music, this song is what you need. Many of us have had short-lived marriages, lived through contentious divorces or just went from one bad relationship to another. It is always good to hear music that reassures you that though relationships and marriages are tested, you can get to the other side if you fight together. If you’re in a marriage or relationship that is on the edge, Donnell Isaac pleads with you to remember why you got together in the first place. If the relationship was founded on something real, go back to that foundation and work it out because on the other side of the struggle, love wins. And if you didn’t know, now you do.

“I Didn’t Know” is true music you’ll be singing for years to come.
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