Avancen MOD Corporation is Reducing Nursing Exposure to COVID-19 Using New Medication Administration Technology

Avancen MOD Corporation announces a new oral medication delivery system which enables COVID-19 patients in non-ICU beds the ability to self-administer scheduled oral medications at specific times without the need for the nurse to enter the patient room for each delivery. This technology will reduce nursing exposure to the virus while saving nursing time and personal protective equipment in short supply.

Mount Pleasant, SC, July 16, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Avancen MOD Corporation announces new oral medication administration technology to minimize nursing exposure to COVID-19. Software modifications have been completed to the original Medication On Demand (MOD®) bedside oral as needed (PRN) medication dispensing system, to enable patients to obtain and self-administer their oral prescheduled daily medications without the need for the nurse to enter the patient room for medication delivery. The new device is called the SMA MOD for Scheduled Medication Administration.

Medications, called scheduled oral medications, are prescribed for daily administration at specific times as part of the patient’s oral medication orders. For COVID-19 patients in non-ICU beds, each single oral medication delivery requires the nurse to don personal protective equipment (PPE), enter the patient room and administer a single dose of medication, followed by an exit and removal of PPE.

The SMA MOD will provide additional protection for nursing staff from COVID-19 exposure while saving nursing time and PPE in short supply. The SMA MOD will be the first-time hospitalized patients can obtain and self-administer their scheduled oral medications using this bedside technology. The Wi-Fi device will provide an audible reminder to the patient for each medication delivery time. The device collects the data associated with the medication administration including the date, time, medication name and dose into a computerized retrievable database available on the SMA MOD computer application.

About Avancen MOD Corporation:
Avancen is a medical device and information technology company with a mission to “Improve Patient Care at the Bedside.” It is the only provider of the Wi-Fi enabled Medication On Demand device for hospitalized patients to obtain their as needed oral opioid and non-opioid pain medication after required time intervals in hours. The device captures the patient entered numeric pain score, and complete medication information with each delivered dose. Stored MOD® data can be retrieved from the database on any hospital computer workstation and/or the data can be directly integrated into the hospital electronic health record. US hospitals use this technology most frequently as part of postoperative pain management. Avancen focuses on new ideas and technology to improve patient care, comfort and satisfaction with lasting value that benefits hospital and healthcare facilities and the patients they serve.
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