Daryon Hotels Announces the Launch of Cathedra Online Portal

Cathedra, a comprehensive web portal, provides hotel owners, investors and managers with complete knowledge of hotel operations.

Daryon Hotels Announces the Launch of Cathedra Online Portal
Easton, PA, July 17, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Daryon Hotels International (DHI), today announced the full implementation of Cathedra, a comprehensive new online portal that gathers all internal hotel operating reports in one secure website. Through "Cathedra, the Owners Corner," investors, and authorized managers will enjoy simple, immediate and complete access to every step of hotel operations, from basic cash and credit card deposits to deep cleaning, HK MPR, asset improvement, and even Bed Bug Treatment documentation.

By implementing Cathedra, DHI expects to significantly reduce the loss of revenue many hotels experience from a variety of sources ranging from irregular operations to litigations simply because the hotel lacked an internal reporting system, reasonable care, or necessary documentation. The Cathedra by Daryon provides a simple, easy-to-manage solution to these and many other operational issues.

After several years of development, DHI’s IT Department implemented Cathedra’s beta version in late 2019 and early 2020. The participating hotels have already reported improved operations and accountability within the team.

“This is a perfect tool to put the hotel owners and managers in full knowledge of what is going on in the hotel,” said Amanda Bumbera, DHI’s VP of Operations. “However, the investors and operators need to take action when needed. As in any other tool, it is about who is using it and how they are using it.”

“Cathedra keeps our sales effort in the hotel and DHI level streamlined and effective,” added VP of Sales and Marketing Nicole Williams. “The owners and managers will have a much better understanding of how the sales activity is being conducted.” Owners receive the reports via email and can access the history and graphs on the Cathedra. Best of all, this system is entirely free for our hotel partners.

For those who wonder what happens to the data if any hotel, for any reason, is out of the DHI system, Ms. Bumbera explained, “All data belongs to the hotel owners; we can convert the data to Excel format and hand them over to the hotels.” She continued, “There is a reason that within a few short years we have become one of the most successful hotel management companies in the country. We are the pioneer of simplified technology for the hotels. We are reliable; we produce results, and stand by our word.”

Headquartered in Easton, Pennsylvania with a branch in New York City, Daryon Hotels is one of the fastest-growing hotel management companies in North America.
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