Surging Growth for Interstride -- Market’s Only Full Platform for Helping International Students Advance Careers

50,000+ Student Users vs. 100 in 2017; University Partners Include Harvard, USC

Surging Growth for Interstride -- Market’s Only Full Platform for Helping International Students Advance Careers
San Francisco, CA, July 29, 2020 --( The market’s only full technology platform for helping international university students in the U.S. advance their careers, Interstride, has reported surging growth -- with the number of Interstride student users soaring from under 100 users in 2016 to 50,000+ today.

Founded in 2016, Interstride -- whose technology platform also helps universities work to increase their rates of international student enrollment and retention -- reports that its number of university partners has also grown very rapidly, now exceeding 100, and including such leading institutions as Harvard, USC, Tufts, University of Georgia, University of Texas at Austin, University of Chicago, University of Miami, University of Tennessee, and Arizona State.

Interstride’s substantial growth has occurred while overall international university student enrollment in the U.S. has been declining, due to more restrictive immigration and visa policies, a more hostile political environment, competition from other countries and other factors.

COVID Crisis, Immigration Rule Changing Further Increases Need for Interstride

Interstride may continue its rapid growth precisely because daunting new hurdles to international education and travel --- brought on by the ongoing COVID crisis and continuous immigration rule changing -- will likely only increase the need for and value of Interstride’s platform. U.S. college educators and American businesses alike recognize that America’s international student graduates have contributed materially to U.S. economic health and competitiveness.

Twenty-three percent of U.S. billion-dollar startup companies were founded or co-founded by international students, and immigrants have accounted for 40 percent of U.S. Nobel Prizes won in chemistry, medicine, and physics since 2000.

Unique Interstride Technology Platform in a Nutshell

Interstride’s unique technology platform offers a one-stop shop for university students and universities alike to help enrich the learning experiences for international students and to launch their careers. Interstride offers a user-friendly mobile and desktop platform; mobile apps on iOS and Android; real time information on employment trends and other opportunities through push-messaging and emails; and daily updates of important content and resources.

Interstride specifically assists international student in five crucial areas:

- University Engagement -- Students can connect and receive mentorship from fellow classmates and alumni students can use the platform to share resources and build their own unique network to connect with new friends from their home country and beyond.
- Networking and Community Building -- Interstride provides resources for students to better understand the complicated visa processes, including how to navigate work requirements.
- Immigration -- Interstride offers comprehensive country guides for students considering opportunities abroad and provides a host of curated products and services to assist students with their recent moves.
- Student Services -- Students can search available job postings and internships and get real-time access to companies that focus on hiring international students in various industries.
- Career Searches -- Interstride facilitates the entire job search process through productivity tools and interactive resources that allows students to track their career goals and better utilize data to aid career search efforts. The platform links students directly to their career services office so they have real-time access to new resources and school specific opportunities.

Interstride supports universities with:

- A fully customizable web and mobile application that can be co-branded according to an institution’s need.
- A one-stop cloud-based platform to provide students with information and university resources and where Interstride can help drive the marketing and student engagement process on behalf of the institution.
- A simple and intuitive administrative portal that university administrators can use to manage the application and gain insight into student interests.

Favorable Results from Survey of Interstride Student Users

A survey of over 2,450 Interstride student users found that 90 percent of the students would recommend Interstride to other students, and that 86 percent said that Interstride had helped them in their job search process.

University Partners Praise Interstride Platform’s Capabilities and Impact

“We implemented Interstride over the summer and absolutely love it! The students’ reaction to Interstride sells the product itself. Countless times when meeting with International students they come in discouraged because they want to find a job but know how challenging it is to find an employer who will accept their HIB Visa or green card. When our office informs the students about Interstride you can see the excitement and relief in their face. -- with their mindset shifting from discouraged to determined to find a job in the U.S.” -- Jamie Jillson, Career Counselor at California Baptist University.

“We at Lehigh recently launched Interstride and been having great success with it so far. It is very user friendly and comprehensive. We have also received great feedback from our international students as well as domestic students looking to work abroad. Interstride is great to work with as an organization, too - very responsive and open to customization/suggestions.” -- Katharine Mariannaci at the Center for Career & Professional Development, Lehigh University.

About Interstride

Interstride, an education technology company, provides international student support services to higher education institutions. Through our user-friendly portal, network of services, workshops and engaging content, Interstride offers international students a one-stop-shop for all career-related needs. Our platform also assists domestic students seeking international opportunities. Our technology currently assists students at 125+ universities, including Harvard, University of Chicago, USC, ASU, University of Georgia, University of Texas at Austin, and many others, We collaborate with these schools to empower students in their education and career journey. Interstride’s co-founders have over 30 years of combined experience as international students and professionals.
Marc Brailov