We Silver Jewels Sees Increase on Jewelry Wholesale Sales During the Pandemic

The company's wholesale jewelry sales skyrocketed during the pandemic, implying an increase of online stores.

We Silver Jewels Sees Increase on Jewelry Wholesale Sales During the Pandemic
Houston, TX, August 06, 2020 --(PR.com)-- We Silver Jewels noticed a dramatic increase in its sales during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Stationed in Houston, Texas, this is a wholesale jewelry supplier that sells online only. Ordering online has become the norm during the pandemic period, driving plenty of those who had already planned their start-up online store and those who lost their job to take the big step. Where there's demand, there's supply. In this case, wholesale jewelry supplies. As an established online jewelry company, We Silver Jewels witnessed its sales going up as the pandemic pushed everyone behind closed doors.

During the pandemic months, the demand for jewelry supply has gone up, announced the online company, We Silver Jewels. The high demand for wholesale beads, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and all kinds of jewelry surprised even the most optimistic members of the company. Over the 3-month period of the worldwide lockdown, one would expect a decrease in the demand for wholesale jewelry supplies. After all, everyone's concern was to get food.

“As jewelry wholesalers, we were glad to see an increase in our sales and truth be told, we couldn't help but wonder about what was going on. But there's always a good explanation for everything,” said the head of marketing of We Silver Jewels, Tim Greene.

While the physical stores were closed, the online stores thrived. In fact, the number of online stores increased and many started up businesses in which jewelry supplies were necessary. This led to an increase of the jewelry wholesale sales for the company. As Greene explained, existing and new customers made big orders of wholesale fashion jewelry, charms, items from the company's theme collection, etc. They targeted overstock jewelry to get more at better prices and thus, delight their customers with plenty of options.

“The summer was a good period for us,” mentioned Greene and added, “a lot going on all these months. The pandemic kept us all inside, driving consumers to the edge and even those who never bothered with online orders before to discover the convenience of buying from home. It was a way out; perhaps, a way to subside our fear about the pandemic. And let's not forget that people still sent gifts to friends and family. And so, the existing online stores started selling big. New players appeared on the online market. And we saw our sales going up. Now, if one combines this situation with our summer sales on all wholesale jewelry supplies, it's like putting 2 & 2 together.”

It seems that the digital commerce landscape has made a U-turn during the pandemic and that involved many sectors, jewelry wholesalers included. Consumers find pleasure from shopping, while those out of work found an opportunity to open their professional wings again.

Online purchases seem to outnumber the physical store sales, even now that the doors have opened again, perhaps due to the consumers' fear to go out and visit stores, or because they realized the convenience of online shopping.

As an online jewelry wholesale company, We Silver Jewels saw increase in sales in a short period of time due to the pandemic and all that came with it and also, its discounts and sales. View further information about the company https://www.we-silver-jewels.com/
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