ShipGo Reinvents the Way People Travel

ShipGo Reinvents the Way People Travel
West Palm Beach, FL, August 10, 2020 --( ShipGo, a luggage shipping service, is the newest company launched by parent company Ship Sticks. ShipGo specializes in creating a seamless, safe, and convenient travel experience for customers around the globe. ShipGo changes the way people travel by creating an easy and affordable alternative to lugging their luggage, golf clubs, boxes, school trunks, bikes, and ski gear through the airport. With shipping services offered to 180 countries worldwide, ShipGo is a travel must-have for any vacationer and business traveler.

We've all been there, waking up excited because your trip is finally here and heading to the airport only to be inconvenienced by a long check-in line. Waiting for minutes turns quickly into hours. After finally boarding your plane and landing at your destination, you're thrown yet another hurdle, this time at a crowded baggage claim. Waiting for your luggage to circle the baggage carousel, arrive damaged or even worse, not arrive at all, is undoubtedly the worst start to any trip.

In 2019, the airline industry collected a staggering $5.76 billion in checked bag fees while continuing to lose and damage passenger's luggage. Whether you're checking a bag or oversized items like golf clubs, bikes, school trunks, boxes, skis, and snowboards, there is an inherent risk when traveling with your belongings.

The ease of flying with just a plane ticket through a crowded airport is what ShipGo envisions for every family, adventure seeker, vacationer, or business traveler. ShipGo makes traveling safe and easy by picking up customers' luggage directly from their residence, school, hotel, or wherever you may be staying. Whether you're going on a summer vacation with your family, headed home for the holidays or on a business trip to the city, traveling bag-free with ShipGo is essential. And arrival at your final destination is that much sweeter because your prized possessions will be waiting for you.

"We are excited to launch this new company as many vacationers, and business travelers now can make their travel experience easier," said Nick Coleman, ShipGo's CEO. "Often, travelers undergo a great deal of stress navigating a busy airport with their luggage having to needlessly wait in crowded check-in lines or at the baggage claim. After collecting their luggage, they have to then squeeze it into a rental car, diminishing space for other travelers. We thought about how we can make the lives of a family going on a vacation or a business traveler with a tight schedule stress-free. ShipGo was created for that reason, to provide a hassle-free and safe way to travel, so they can focus on what's important: whether that's making lasting memories or efficiently managing time."

Customers using ShipGo can easily schedule and manage their shipments directly online within minutes. The team at ShipGo values every interaction with their customers, a facet that far exceeds other services. In conjunction with their affordable prices, on-time guarantee, real-time tracking technology, and white-glove service, they are poised to evolve into the leader within the industry. ShipGo's desire is to provide travelers with a new look on stress-free travel, so they can enjoy the journey wherever it may take them.
Justin Metzl