MadKix is the Aggressive Social Media App That is American Made and a Unique Alternative to Similar Platforms

MadKix is an alternative to other social media destinations for today’s generation.

MadKix is the Aggressive Social Media App That is American Made and a Unique Alternative to Similar Platforms
Los Angeles, CA, August 12, 2020 --( Are you going mad feeling isolated due to the current pandemic? Feeling out of touch with society? Disappointed at the lack of entertainment? Do you crave mental stimulation? Do you feel like social media has been boring and stagnant lately?

Introducing MadKix: a product by Arcia LLC.

MadKix is an alternative to other social media destinations for today’s generation.

One of the top leaders in the short form video space has more than 30 million American users and was the most downloaded non-game app in the US in February of 2019. Even with all the users and downloads, this popular platform is currently in danger of being banned by the US, following the recent banning of the platform in India. MadKix, however, is born in the USA, with no risk of any user information being shared with foreign governments.

MadKix will give users the ability to record, edit, and share their unique videos with the world. However, unlike most of its competitors, MadKix features AI and Machine Learning powered video editing, content suggestions and searching to help find and create the best in short form video content. This means that MadKix will be able to give each user a unique, personally tailored experience based on their individual habits and preferences. That means if you like cat videos, MadKix will show you more cat videos. If you like prank comedy, you’ll see more of that. MadKix will always be learning and continuously provide enhancements to benefit you as a user the more you use the platform.

MadKix also features a highly advanced creator reward system where users can earn exclusive badges, monetary compensation, and more just by creating and sharing unique content. MadKix will also eventually feature a special premium broadcast room for users to create exclusive live broadcasts that they can charge admission for. Influencers big and small, everyday users, and businesses are all welcome to the platform to interact, share content, and have fun together.

MadKix is a product by Arcia LLC, a technology startup based in Southern California. Arcia, led by CEO Brian Zheng, is developing cutting edge apps and web products intended to disrupt how society uses video, social media, and e-commerce. Zheng has already had a wealth of playable mobile games available on both Android and iOS, making them available to anyone with a smart device.

Though he’s been a US citizen for nearly 30 years, Zheng was born and raised in China. It’s his knowledge of the foreign governments’ disregard for users’ private information, anti-American stance and use of American technologies for their own private gain that has led Zheng to create a US made competitor to the current app in danger of being banned by the US. With his highly skilled and talented team, all of them with a collective 30 years of experience in software and mobile development, marketing, social media, and cutting edge UI and UX design, Zheng has the backing to create something that can and will change how the new generation will use social media.

MadKix is currently in development with the English language markets being the initial focus, but with globalization as the ultimate goal. By leveraging the latest advancements in AI, machine learning, facial detection, mobile technology, and the latest trends in media consumption, Arcia hopes to bring consumers together in new and exciting ways at a time when we’ve never been more divided.

MadKix: “Share Your Video Madness”

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