Manimas Shouts Out "Make Voting Viral"

A brief explanation of how simply having 10% of the electorate, or one fourth of habitual non-voters -- about 23 million voters, register to vote as no-party voters would accomplish a "revolution by vote" that would stop the destructive two-party seesaw. John Manimas, presidential candidate stated: "They can vote however they wish, but just registering as a no-party voter would throw the red/blue seesaw into a spin."

Manimas Shouts Out "Make Voting Viral"
Schenectady, NY, August 19, 2020 --( On August 19, 2020, presidential candidate John Manimas stated: "The Real Democracy Party (RDP) calls upon all non-voters to make voting viral, so that Americans can begin to have majority rule like other democratic republics." On his YouTube channel, primacycinema, Manimas' latest video presents his explanation as to why the entire country will have a Revolution by Vote simply if one-fourth of non-voters register as no-party voters. "That is all that is needed," Manimas said, "The RDP wants every voter to be entirely free to vote for whatever candidate they choose. The only platform of the Real Democracy Party is elections reforms and retire the two-party system."

"Here is how new voter registrations could accomplish a revolution by vote," Manimas said. "The abstaining voters have amounted to 40% for 120 years, and this fixed pattern has enabled the two major parties to ignore the people's needs and demands. This is why protests and marches don't get the results people want."

"The RDP position is that the two dominating parties don't have to listen because the election pattern is stable," Manimas said. "Minority rule is protected from genuine political competition. Look at what happened with Bernie Sanders. He should have been a presidential candidate of the Progressive Party, but the political class in control of the government does not permit serious political competition. The two dominating parties have red districts and blue districts, red cities and blue cities, red states and blue states, and the American Nobility makes our elections into a gambling game for the rich."

Manimas and the Real Democracy Party believe that new no-party registrations are enough to upset the two-party seesaw. "Just 10% of the electorate, that would be about 23 million new voters," Manimas said, "registered this September as no-party voters, and the two-party game would be over. No small political class could use their contributions to control the government, because they could not reliably predict how a no-party voter will vote."
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