Eight and One Half #1 on IDM/Electronica Chart

Orlando, FL, April 22, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Electronica group Eight and One Half has an internet hit with thier new song entitled "Pious," presently in the #1 position on the IDM Chart at SoundClick.com.

Eight and One Half is a band that produces music in the electronic music genres, and has been gaining fans from diverse camps, and musical interests, from Industrial, to Nu-Jazz circles.

The song "Pious" is from the forth coming album by Eight and One Half, to be released in the Fall on Criterion International. Eight and One Half is also gearing up for shows in Florida late Summer.

Also look for the long awaited "Jourgensen Sessions" by Eight and One Half, Produced by Grammy Nominated Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen in 1983. Other releases to come include the re-release of Deep Blue Dream, fronted by (pre-Static-X) singer and guitarist Wayne Wells, and solo projects by Avoiceforthevoiceless James Hopkins, and David Floodstrand.

Criterion International is a record label specializing in electronic music, based in Winter Park, Florida.

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