SportsTraq GPS Auto Steering & Line Marking for Athletic Fields

SportsTraq GPS Auto Steering & Line Marking for Athletic Fields
Ladd, IL, September 09, 2020 --( Traqnology announces North American distribution of its iPad driven GPS Autosteering & Line Marking product, SportsTraq. SportsTraq is the first system of its kind developed for the Athletic Field market with scalability and high productivity in its design. SportsTraq is backed by North America’s largest RTK GPS network offering Traqnology customers 1 CM repeatable accuracy with no need for portable base stations.

SportsTraq’s innovation of universal fit to any UTV, utility tractor, or garden tractor combined with an iPad interface is a first for the industry. SportsTraq users can line fields all day using a high capacity paint skid utilizing a high-pressure spray system. Line marking a professional size soccer field can be accomplished in under 20 minutes and transporting between fields is fast. The SportsTraq Autosteer system drives the vehicle with centimeter accuracy while controlling the paint system.

SportsTraq offers its users even more. Move 3 base components, SportsTraq can mow your athletic field, map your aerification holes, and autosteer your fertilizer applications. Traqnology has developed SportsTraq to offer GPS guided solutions that allow the Athletic Field Manager to ensure quality work. Perfect lines, perfect stripes, more efficiency and happy employees!

About Traqnology
Founded in Denmark by veterans of Agricultural GPS in 2017. Traqnology is changing the face of athletic field maintenance in Europe. Traqnology has partnered with pioneering agriculture GPS network entrepreneurs to form North American distribution under a new Illinois company, Traqnology North America. Traqnology North America will offer industry leading technical support and GPS knowledge. Find more information at For sales and demonstrations call 815.894.3494 or email
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