Calendar.AI Adds a Powerful New Feature: Meeting Polls

Calendar.AI unveils meeting polls, a powerful new feature in their mobile calendar app. It enables meeting organizers to poll meeting attendees about their availability preferences combined with their own personal availability already built in. It’s a hassle-free way to set meetings with numerous attendees.

Tel Aviv, Israel, September 16, 2020 --( Sync.AI, unleashes a powerful new feature for their flagship app Calendar.AI: Meeting Polls.

Almost everyone has been in a situation where they are relentlessly trying to set a meeting with multiple people and it turns into a never-ending email chain as all parties attempt to negotiate the best time for everyone involved.

Calendar.AI has developed a meeting poll function, where a meeting organizers can literally poll the attendees regarding their most convenient times, and subsequently set the meeting accordingly. It’s one click, no hassle scheduling, for multiple parties, without the back and forth.

“We’re dedicated to making the most data-driven and productive app in the calendar space, and meeting polls are another step in that direction,” said, Ken Vinner, CEO of Sync.AI. “The ability to efficiently set meetings with multiple parties without all the surrounding legwork is critical for CEOs, executive level managers, board members and anybody else who has frequent meetings with multiple people.”

In addition to the meeting polls, there’s an automatic scheduler with built in availability, so when a meting organizer sends out a poll, they can already populate it with their personal availability already built in.

About Calendar.AI

Calendar.AI is a powerful calendar and meeting scheduler that enhances calendar events with insights about the participants. You can view work history, social profiles, news and more about each participant and company in the meeting. The built in meeting scheduler allows users to automate their meeting scheduling and avoid the back-and-forth emails when trying to schedule meetings.

To learn more about Calendar.AI, watch this short video. To download Calendar.AI for Android, please click here. To download Calendar.AI for iOS, please click here.

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