Xpresso Communications Awarded Best International Content Creation Specialists

Xpresso Communications – an international marketing communications and PR company headquartered in Leiden, The Netherlands – is proud to announce that it has been awarded the title of "Best International Content Creation Specialists" residing in the Benelux region.

Xpresso Communications Awarded Best International Content Creation Specialists
Leiden, Netherlands, October 18, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Following its 2019 Benelux Business Awards as "Best International Full-Service Marketing Communications Company" in The Netherlands, Xpresso Communications received a second award in recognition of the excellence it has achieved in the field of content creation as part of its integrated communications, PR and marketing strategies for technology-driven companies.

“At EU Business News, our award programme makes sure every company is thoroughly researched, meaning that our awards are only given based on merit and not how many votes have been received,” explained Laura Hunter, Awards Manager, EU Business News. “We investigate many different fields when judging a company, such as dedication to customer service and the excellence and innovation that the company brings to its industry.”

Representing technology firms around the world in the field of broadcast, proAV and numerous other technology-driven markets, Xpresso Communications maintains a team of international content strategists and creators who excel in writing and distributing content that engages with the human aspect of business, whilst also demonstrating a deep understanding of underlying technologies. This vision of creating and delivering technology content for a broader audience, including - but not limited to - those who are less tech-savvy, is based on the idea of focusing on the benefits of a given solution, rather than its technical specification. This itself constitutes a key point of differentiation from many other companies in the media and technology industries, and it is this which CEO Fiorenza Mella believes was key in contributing to Xpresso’s nomination and eventual win.

“My team and I are honoured and amazed by this unexpected award, the second in as many years,” said Mella. “The Benelux Enterprise Awards panel initially explored our role as leaders of PR and marketing practices within technology-driven markets. This year, however, they have recognised our increasing relevance as innovative content providers and strategists. We believe that a large part of why we were chosen relates to the way that we have aimed to make technology-orientated communications more accessible, relevant and ‘human’ in nature. This is enhanced by our industry expertise, and evidenced by how we have supported the international launch of several business in niche markets, including that of the Broadcast industry. Also important, we believe, was how we promote content distribution through online integrated marketing strategies.”

Xpresso prides itself not only on the company’s ability to make detail-heavy technology products accessible to non-technical decision makers and to foster genuine connections between clients and customers, but also to deliver real strategic advantage by making the process of outsourcing communications truly efficient.

“A key consideration in our communications approach is the idea of entropy. As things lose energy, a ‘descent’ into disorder tends to occur, and at that point it can be difficult to reinvigorate a message with energy and direction. An effective content strategy is not just about crafting a single compelling composition (though skill in this field is paramount) – it’s about developing a wider strategy that builds with consistency, and delivers a common central idea even as the details around it vary. Our common central idea always aims to relate to the intersection between technology, business benefit, and the human element. Around this, we work in the details of products and technological specification. The aim is always to build energy and avoid the fatigue of communication entropy,” added Jess McMurray, content strategist with Xpresso.

The Benelux Business Awards aim to "promote award worthy contributions to the economic growth of local, regional, national and international markets," and recognise the roles of Benelux companies as "beacons of economic hope and prosperity."

“We’re so proud to have been awarded this beautiful trophy by the Benelux Business Awards,” concluded Mella, “and we look forward to carrying our work onwards into 2021, and seeing what accolades that might bring.”

Further information on Xpresso Communications and its services is available at https://www.xpressocommunications.com/ or by calling +31 715238210.
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