Jared Moussalli & Money Records Help Artists Get Paid

Talent pays; just ask Money Records founder Jared Moussalli. His goal is to help independent artists gain royalties. Jared wants to provide a platform for them to release their next wave music. He aspires to improve the lives of musicians through effective marketing.

Jared Moussalli & Money Records Help Artists Get Paid
Whitman, MA, November 03, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Why choose Money Records? They believe that hard work and commitment should be compensated. At the age of 21, he has started to gain deserved respect in the Entertainment Industry.

Money Records has its own music distribution framework. Comprised of over 150 digital stores. They recognize the need to evolve with changes in technology. The same changes that determine how people get music. It enables him to reach more fans on behalf of upcoming artists. For example, music platforms have free users and premium users. Premium users pay a monthly or yearly subscription. Money Records markets its client’s songs on the premium platforms. Which gets you a higher percentage of royalties. This is one of the aspects that makes Money Records stand out in changing times.

He markets his clients music by broadcasting their music to top locations. Targeted areas where people can relate. The engagement from music streams equates to more money. His clients definitely appreciate that. Jared Moussalli strives for progress. At the end of it all, everyone gets paid with no barriers or limits.
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