KryptAll Protects Users from SIM Card Swapping Attacks

The FTC warns cell phone users of SIM Card swapping as a type of identity theft. KryptAll protects from SIM Card hijacking by making it possible to call over Wi-Fi without a SIM Card.

KryptAll Protects Users from SIM Card Swapping Attacks
Wilmington, DE, November 17, 2020 --( SIM card hijacking hacks are so commonplace that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has posted articles warning cell phone users of the probable implications of such an attack. KryptAll defeats this hack from happening.

A basic SIM swap attack is when a hacker convinces a cellular carrier to switch the target phone number over to a SIM card they own. The hacker can then use your phone number, on their phone, to trick services into resetting your passwords. Furthermore, the hacker will be receiving all your personal information such as text messages, calls and data on their phone.

SIM attacks appear to be behind the Justin Bieber hack and the hack of a cryptocurrency investor that resulted in the theft of $23.8 million-worth of tokens.

There is a way to protect against these hackers by using a KryptAll phone. KryptAll can be used over Wi-Fi with no regular phone number associated to it to make calls to any phone number, eliminating the use of a SIM card.

The tactics behind SIM swaps are largely out of your control. Flashpoint has found some indications that SIM hijackers recruit retail workers at cellular carriers to gain access to protected accounts. The good news is you can use KryptAll for secure encrypted calling and to keep your identity safe.
Richard Di Sabatino