Counterspell Miniatures: The Shade Collection Kickstarter

1985 Games launches a new Kickstarter featuring 11 Gothic Horror Resin Miniatures made for the world's greatest roleplaying game and others like it.

Counterspell Miniatures: The Shade Collection Kickstarter
Portland, OR, November 25, 2020 --( 1985 Games earlier this year introduced Cursed Lands, a gothic horror-based book that dove into a dark and mysterious world. The new crowd fund creates some of the strange creatures and characters from that world.

Counterspell Miniatures: The Shade Collection is a set of 11 Gothic Horror resin models sized for D&D gameplay. The miniatures have a high level of details and contain, characters and creatures that are unique or not common. Creatures include Shadewood Gargoyle, Shadewood Werewolf, The Curious, Candle Priest, Lion Spirit Guide, Bone Wyvern, Bone Behemoth and a fortune teller. Characters include Gal Gahon – Breaker of Men, Lucian Darol – The Vampire Lord, and Alenthriel – Mistress of Brutality.

1985 Games has hired several outstanding artists and 3d sculptors to bring these concepts to life. Concept art for all 11 miniatures is already complete and 5 figures are already sculpted. Zealot Miniatures, a company that already has a lot of experience in the field will be building the molds and producing the finished miniatures.

The Kickstarter launched November 17, was funded in three days and is set to end on December 17, 2020.

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Lenny Gotter