Wilburn & Associates President Retires and Creates New Model to Help People Get Real About Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Wilburn & Associates President Retires and Creates New Model to Help People Get Real About Diversity Equity & Inclusion
Spokane, WA, January 12, 2021 --(PR.com)-- The death of George Floyd and Brionna Taylor has brought a lot of attention to the Black Lives Matter movement as well as broader issues of race and diversity in this country. A lot of businesses and organizations are now indicating that they are taking steps to advance the cause of diversity equity and inclusion but in reality it is only about optics and not real work.

According to Jason Wingard in Forbes Magazine and Anastasia Reesa Tomkin in the Medium, many businesses and white leaders are engaging in what Wingard calls “fake support” which is a form of optical or performance allyship. Their efforts to support diversity, equity and inclusion is about creating a public image of support which is about things that are done on the surface level without any really depth or commitment to bringing about systemic change to end systemic racism and oppression. However, these minimal efforts are not enough to squelch the dissatisfaction of Black, Indigenous, People of Color in this country.

Dr. Roberta J. Wilburn is the President and Co-Founder of Wilburn & Associates, LLC. As an award-winning diversity, equity, and inclusion expert who focuses on diversity training, coaching and cultural events, she helps businesses and organizations to go beyond the surface level of diversity to get real about their efforts to bring about authentic change. Using her REAL Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Framework, she helps leaders and their employees identify their blind spots and increase their cultural awareness and sensitivity. She is widely sought out because of how she is able to able to engage people in diversity work without them feeling intimidated while helping them to solve their diversity and inclusion problems. Some of the organizations that have contacted Dr. Wilburn for her services include the Centers for Disease Control, Volunteers of America, Gonzaga University and several other universities. Some of the programs she provides are intercultural development assessment, intercultural coaching, and diversity training for their employees.

“We are all exhausted from the cacophony of our current public discourse. Whose song will transform us from reactive combatants to generous conversation partners? What voices can summon the harmonies needed for truth infused with justice and unity?” said well-known professor, Anne Wilcox, from Whitworth University. “Dr. Roberta Wilburn is one of those voices. Her trustworthy research, articulate cultural proficiency, perceptive, and personal experiences bring the healing tones of well-informed listening to others.”

To learn more about the types of programs and services provided by Wilburn & Associates, LLC visit: www.wilburnassociates.org

Dr. Wilburn has announced her retirement, after 13-1/2 years as the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies in Education and Diversity Initiatives at Whitworth University at the end of 2020, to devote all of her time to her diversity and inclusion efforts. She has both national and international expertise, is an author, and the winner of national and local awards for her diversity work. Her mission is to help build cultural sensitive and responsive workplaces and communities. Since this is such a pressing issue, she would like to share her knowledge and expertise with your audience so they can get real about diversity, equity and inclusion.
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